Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sleepy Hollow

October 29, 2009 -

Ahh the verge of Halloween. The little ghouls and goblins trekking out in their well organized costumes under their coats and umbrellas in an unending competition to see who can get the most free candy....I love it. Especially now, having two little trick-or-treaters myself.

But before the hustle and bustle of everyone out and about, scouring the neighborhoods door-to-door for handouts of packaged sugar....there was me this morning. In the drizzly, foggy and chilling haze of Kirkland at 6am...I voluntarily got out of bed...and I ran.

It brought back chilling memories of last winter in the beginning of Ironman training making a commitment to get up and get one of my workouts in before work because there would be no way to fit them in otherwise. A seemingly simple decision and task for unbearable task for me. I hate getting out of my warm bed, in the dark, to go run in the cold and rain.

However, last year, I found out that after the initial shock of waking early and getting out in cold...I discovered some of my best runs ever. Something about bundling up, braving the elements and doing something at a time when no one else will or wants to. It elevates you.

The breakthrough today was that I usually wouldn't start thinking about this until January/February, which is my official kickoff to triathlon training (based on my schedule). October through New Year's is traditionally my "slip 'n slide" time. The time where workouts are at a bare minimum, food and drinks are consumed frequently, weight is gained and the fun of the season is consistently enjoyed.

Then, like a time when I am feeling like a lazy, gluttonous fat slob (somehow exactly by Jan. 1 every year), I break back into hard core training, fitness and diet. Traditionally, you would not see me out on October 29th at 6a running in the cold, but rather sleeping until 7:30 and waking up to some coffee and cereal with a consideration of a 30 minute mediocre jog or bike indoors at the gym.

About two days ago however...egged on by wifey...I decided...not this year. I don't want to start training coming from behind. How great would it be if I started Jan. 1 at my Ironman weight ready to crush records and times rather than training to get back up to finishing speed. (And wifey wants to have a "visible abs" contest.)

I'm making a go of it...could you too?

That is why sleepy hollow...I got up and ran 7.5 miles in the cold "make a go of it." Now I know I excuses.

I'll keep ya posted.

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  1. I like to focus on running thru the winter as I think its where you lose fitness fastest and is the hardest to get back. I usually pick a longish early Jan-Feb race to prepare for.