Saturday, February 28, 2009

Harder: Family or IM Taining?

February 28, 2009 -

Is circulating different family through your house for three consecutive weekends harder than Ironman training? NO! Just busier.

We have been having a blast with all the visitors, and it has been working out with no training side effects. Sneaking in Friday workouts, cranking out Sunday morning workouts, and getting ready for the next weekend's party.

It is good practice though. I have been anticipating some upcoming travel and how I'm going to stay on top of my workouts. Juggling the training with these three weekends as well as my trip to Vegas on Monday is great practice. I am traveling for work most of April and part of May and have been wondering how to make it work until I just do. You just figure it out, plan precisely, manage time, and sacrifice some sleep....(hopefully not the sleep).

Day 59 Training Log - So you know Saturday, day off (although in March the day's off start to vary.) Spent a nice day with the family. Walked down to the Kirkland waterfront and had some fun. Loved the day off, did a mile walk down to the waterfront and a mile back pushin the kiddos uphill in the jogger. Back at it tomorrow.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The End Of An Era

January 27, 2009 -

Today marks the end of an era for my Ironman training and also for my daughter.

For Ironman training, it is the last day of the first month...the "build" phase. After today's workouts, I have four weeks of conditioning in January down and now four weeks of building in February down. In March I start the next era of training which is "phase 1". I am trying to figure out how to start that next era in Las Vegas where I'll be next Monday and Tuesday. Do people workout in Las Vegas?

For my daughter Ella...she is 5 today. This is big kid status. Then end of babyness, toddlerness, and little kidness. Today, she is an official big kid, she is a good kid. She supports my training and asks me questions about my workouts. She thinks I'm the fastest triathlon dad on the planet.

I love you very very much Ella, Happy Birthday!

Day 58 Training Log - Today called for a 1350 yard speed swim and a 45 minute bike ride. I had to figure how to rock these workouts not only on Ella's birthday, but also with five more family members arriving in town this morning to celebrate. Luckily, I am very very sneaky. I dumped the whole family off with my kids at a McDonalds with a playland and I ducked out to the gym for a swim. It was a 4 x 100 warm-up, then an 8 x 100 main which was a EBEH (25 easy, 25 build, 25 easy, 25 hard). Then finished up with a 6 x 25 cool down. Today was a great swim, I can go all out a lot easier these days and recover much quicker....I like that. So, after the McD think the kids were all tuckered so the boy went for a nap and the girl watched a movie. Perfect time for me to sneak out for a 45 minute bike trainer ride. It was a 15 minute big ring warmup. Then I hit 30 minutes on the big ring starting at the hardest gear cranking for five minutes and letting off a gear every five minutes. And so it was done.

Attention: day off - Saturday...I'm coming for you...let's dance.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow...Really? Keep It Coming

February 26, 2009 -

I was about to go off on the two inches of snow that I woke up to this morning until I realized something great. I was still able to run outside today on my long run and it wasn't raining. Yes, it was cold and there was snow on the ground...but it was sunny.

That got me thinking about this whole month. I had three scheduled runs a week in my training plan. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and for the entire month of February I was only rained out on one run! I was able to run outside in Seattle, in February, with no rain, 11 times!!! That has got to be the best on record. Usually February in Seattle is grey, 40's to 50's and drizzly most of the days.

Thinking about it even more, I even got at least one bike ride in each week outside! That brings the total to over half of this month being able to get at least one workout, outside without rain.

So yes...snow....and yes.....34 degrees. I will take you. I will love you....and I will run and bike all over your business! Just keep that rain at bay.

Day 57 Training Log - As you may have picked up from the above, I had a 90 minute long run today. I went headed out with a buddy and went up the trail. There was snow on the ground, but it got progressively sunnier and meltier as the run went on. The only thing that blew....was the wind. (haha, lame joke I know). Seriously though, on the way out the cold wind gusts were sucky. The way back however...nice....very very nice. We slowed it down today and came in at 11 miles for an 8:20 pace. Good easy run.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bald Is The New Pink

February 25, 2009 -

I'm so done with hair. I think I still have plenty to go around, but it is definitely thinning on top. You combine that with it's new lengthiness, two-a-day workouts, which mean two showers, which means two hair dealings and it is over between me and my hair (on my head).

I did away with the leg hair as to be perceived as this highly skilled and intense triathlete and felt it was only a matter of time before the head hair just had to go. I feel this is a pretty girly thing to blog about but it was an issue and had to be cleared by the boss (wife), before I could move forward. As I'm hitting the gym twice a day between workouts to shower and time is limited; I was actually having to use a blow dyer....that was the final straw.

So I did what any man forced to use a blow dryer should do. I immediately went to the barber shop and got that shiz buzzed right off. I call it more David Beckham and Less Dr. Evil.

Today I swam in the morning and came back for weight training at lunch and it was so fast and easy, no hair, no product or style...badda boom...badda bing....and I'm out (although wifey says it can't happen again...I like it and think it may have to stick around for awhile.).

Day 56 Training Log -I had a dope 1650 yard swim this am. It was a 4 x 75 warm-up with each, last 25 a kick. Then, 3 x 400 at a swift pace, followed by a 150 cool down. It was a great swim today. I felt strong, swift, and fast...and I liked that. I went back the gym over my lunch hour for some weight work. I hit the bench heavy for four sets and then one press-out. Moved to double medicine ball with feet on a bosu pushups for 4 x 8. From there to Kettle bell, closed stance shoulder raises with a 35lb bell. Moved from there into mixed sets of close-grip pullups (4 x 9,8,6,5), and kettle bell "american swings" for 4 x 10 at 35lbs (click hyperlink to view video, excpet this guy does not briefly lock arms or thrust hips enough). I was way spent after this and so starving as is the usual these I....was....out. 10 - 4 good buddy.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Morning Bonanza

February 24, 2009 -

I thought I should record the hustle and bustle of my mornings these days as I try to sneak in parts of these workouts. Such a lame idea to wake up all early to train but I do it for the love if Ironman...oh and because I don't want to die during the Ironman.

There is just not enough time. I may have to start getting up even earlier....but don't want to jump to any decisions right yet.

Act 1 - The Workout: Today I got up at 6a and slugged slided up to some morning news, water, XS Energy Drink, and a banana. Did some stretching and then geared up. By 6:30 a I was cranking it out in the ghetto garage movie theater to another episode of Dexter. By 7:30 I was done and watching some Today Show while stretching with a cup of coffee.

Act 2 - The Girl: Shower, pack the gym bag, say goodbye to wifey (who leaves at 8a), and grab kid #1 (5 - yrs). Pull out some clothes for her, make her some oatmeal and turn on some cartoons to entertain while I continue the madness. This is about 8:15 now. I start to make a lunch to take to work. Turkey sandwich, salad with feta cheese, garbanzo beans and sweet cherry tomatoes. Also sliced up a red bell pepper for an afternoon snack and made a protein shake with vanilla whey protein, frozen fruit blend and nonfat milk for a mid-morning snack.

Act 3 - The Boy: Enter kid #2 (18-mos). Get the boy, change diaper and dress. Then warm some milk for that dude. Whilst he drinks I cook myself a balanced breakfast to fuel me through my next workout. A prefect blend of protein and carbs with two egg-whites, 1/4 cup ground turkey, 1/4 cup brown rice, and some shreddy cheddy. Also, multigrain english muffin with peanut butter. By this time the boy finishes the moo and I share my breakfast with him while encouraging daughter to finish hers.

Act 4 - The Leave: Wash all dishes, take out trash and recycling, start and load car with work bag and gym bag. Greet nanny, kiss kiddos, brush teeth and bounce at 9a.

That's it. every minute is railed so that I can leave precisely at 9a when nanny comes. Then I go to work for four hours or so and then to the gym to finish my second workout during my lunch hour.

Day 55 Training Log - Today's plan called for one hour on the bike and a 45 minute run. Cranked out the bike at 6:30a this mornin to an episode of Dexter. Rode all big ring with a mix of fast spinning on medium gears, and cranking through hard gears. Then to the gym for 45 minutes on the dreadmill (rainy and cold out today and I didn't want any part of that.) I ran it out fast yesterday and had no desire to do that today on the mill so I did 15 mins at a 9 min pace, 15 mins at an 8:30 pace, and 15 mins at a 8 min pace. All in all, good solid workout day again, feelin strong.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleep It In And Drag It Out - Start week 17

February 23, 3009 -

Three weeks down ready to hit it hard this week to polish off a solid month.

With that said, I was exhausted yesterday. I got up early and cranked out a brick for Friday's workouts, was out all day Friday and Saturday entertaining family and then got up early to crank out my bike yesterday. When that was all said and done, by yesterday afternoon I was spent.

Solution: do not get up and run no no, just sleep dude. I went to bed a little after 9p and slept til 7a! I felt so refreshed and ready to hit it today, which was good.

I hit a swim/run brick with a buddy and had a great and very strong workout.

I should do this sleeping in thing way more often.

Day 54 Training Log - The plan today called for a 45 minute run and a 2500 yard swim. I did them back to back and wanted to go hard today and I think I did. The run ended up being 6.02 miles at a 7:28 pace which was a slow start and a fast finish. Then, at the gym, I realized I left my jammers and all I have in my gym bag was my drag shorts. I tossed those sexy things on over my compression shorts (so I didn't look naked) and drug it out. Those things really wear on you by the end of your swim. I could really feel the extra effort in my arms and shoulders. They tried to slow me down but I just swam harder. The swim was an 800 warm-up of 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, and 200 swim. Then, 1500 straight, which I felt strong and polished (for the most part) and it went by fast. Finished up with a 4 x 50 cool down and called it a day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bring Out The Fasha

February 22, 2009 -

Today I came to a conclusion. Either I'm not working hard enough, or the workouts are getting too easy. I had a spin on the bike trainer this morning and I may as well been selling rocket pops from an ice cream truck on a 90 degree day in the summer at a packed was that easy.

I am happy to feel this way temporarily as I have plotted March's calendar and it significantly ramps up. Apparently this month was the "build" phase and next month is "phase one", which I think I mentioned before. This means a new level of Ironman training is upon me. Until that day, a week from now, I will enjoy the last week of what has come to be six days of easy training.

I should say I have been getting up at 6a about four days a week to train and apparently it's showing. My wife thinks I need a nap....whatever...naps are for non-triathletes........right?

Maybe I'll do one.

Day 53 Training Log - So today's training called for two hours on the bike. I needed to get this out of the way based on still having family in town and wanting to have the rest of my day open after the airport drop-off. I got up at 6a and hit it. I spent the entire two hours on the big ring at a medium gear just spinning fast the whole time. I was up for some comedy today so I watched Austin Powers Goldmember. It was funny and the ride was strong, which made the time go really fast. Ready to hit it hard this week to finish my first full month of Ironman training.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Splurge It Out

February 21, 2009 -

There is nothing better than the refreshing feeling of going to bed on Friday night with six days of workouts in the bag knowing you can sleep-in and do whatever it is you please the next day. Knowing that there is no amount of calories you can eat that will disrupt your training flow.

It's almost like this childish care-free feeling that you can do whatever you like. did. Homemade cinnamon rolls, restaurant food, drinks, snacks, the whole deal. I did it up. Also finished up with some bbq salmon and asparagus with some steamed butternut squash. That was the dopeness.

All in all a good day, and happy to get back at it tomrrow......kinda.

Day 52 Training Log - Zilch-zero-nada. Unless you consider hosting your Mother and her "main squeeze" as an exercise. But....not really, it's more of an exercise of the mind and if you can handle it, the reward may be similar to hearing "Josh Clark....You Are An Ironman." That remains to be seen.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sneaky Deaky...Work One In

February 20, 2009 -

So my daughter is turning 5 next week and for the next couple weeks we have family in town visiting and praising the victory of turning 5. What that means to me?...figuring out how to sneak in my training so as to not take away from family visitation times.

Today that meant sneaking in a 90 minute bike ride and a 1450 yard speed swim without anyone noticing.

The 90 minute bike was a no-brainer...get up at 6a and crank it out while the lazy's are sound asleep. This was actually one of my favorite bikes to date as I rode the trainer in the "ghetto theater" and watched Bad Boys. This was a perfect mix of comedy and cranked out action so you can spin away and not notice that your ass is chaffing.

Then came the swim, which didn't go unnoticed. I had to take time away for this, however it did end up great as my moms slept in and takes like nine hours to get ready. I took the kids to the gym daycare to play while I left moms at home and I swam it out.

Awwww yeeeeaaaaa, another week down. That makes three down.....17 to go.....bah!

Day 51 Training Log - On the docket today was a 90 minute bike ride and a 1450 speed swim. On the bike I put in 30 minutes on the big ring spinning fast between two of the lighter gears. In the second 30 minutes I did the same thing with fast spinning on the big ring easy gears but I spent the whole 30 minutes on the aerobars. With the last 30 minutes I put it on the big ring hardest gear and cranked for 10 minutes and then kicked it down one gear each 10 minutes until it was done.

From there to the pool for a speed swim. It was a shorty today, but a goody. 300 warm-up and then a 20 x 50 main swim. That 1000 was medium pace on the odds and all-out on the evens. I was fairly certain my lungs were either bleeding or exploding...but neigh....I was done and alive. Fished with a 150 cool down and it was a day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Over The Hill

February 19, 2009 -

I had a 90 minute "long run" today. Long seems to be a relative term compared to what's coming, but anyway, I had to crank it out early this am because I have my moms in town visiting. Rather than go all out to push last week's 12 mile pace, I wanted to do an easier pace but more hills this week.

I set out at 7a in 36 degrees. The run was good, it mostly just seemed long and I had low motivation to work hard. I did however eat up some hills....about 6 in all. Two of them were long gradual ascents and the other four were very steep but short ascents.

The hills were cool, I do like the fact that I really have no need for recovery at the peak, I can pick back up to my normal pace and keep cranking.

I also, put together my March training calendar today and.....bah! Geesh. I guess we are moving out of the "build" phase and into "phase 1". That basically means twice at much time and intensity as this month. I'm going to really have to start getting creative at how fit in these three and four hour workouts consistently next month. I'm certain there is a reason why they call this thing Ironman (haha). I'm guessing I will also really need to figure out how to ramp up my nutrition and supplements again as well as get dialed in on my stretching.

Day 50 Training Log - So 90 minute long run today. I ran an easy 8:38 pace for just under 11 miles but worked in a load of hills. Today's run was kinda just blah. It wasn't hard, it wasn't easy, it was just there......and then it was over.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sink Or Swim

February 18, 2009 -

Another one of those little breakthrough moments today. I did an early morning swim with some gradual speed work. If you are one of my loyal IronPeeps you may remember my rant on last Wednesday's swim, which was awful. It was hard and I felt tired and winded.

Well, today was turning out the same way and I was just trying to power through it for about 1000 yards. I was winded and tired and starting to feel like swimming blows. Until I remembered that swimming does not blow, and I like it, and swimming does not rule me....I rule swimming.

From there on out my swim changed.

Yes, I was still tired, I was still winded and I can't figure out why some days I can swim forever and some days I feels like forever. But, today, I chose not to care, but to focus on having the best possible swim with the best possible form. And, with every length I got stronger and better and ended up feeling like I may have found my best and most efficient stroke to date.

Day 49 Training Log - As with the last couple weeks today was my swim only day that I added some weight training on to. I sure didn't want to do the weights today (been feeling a lil waxed), but I want to keep up the strength training and this is the only day I would consider fitting it in to....for now. I swam 2050 today with a speed work warm-up, a gradual speed build main swim, and an easy cool down. That was early morning, then I went to work for a few hours, then back to the gym for strength training. Did pretty much the same as the last few weeks. Bench press, single arm incline chest press, 35lb kettle bell shoulder raises (from a lunge position), and of course, my arch nemesis pullups (8,8,6,6) and 16lb kettle bell straight arm situps off a step bench.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


February 17, 2009 -

Yes, today I was Bravewind. It is very similar to Braveheart but with less battle axes and swords. And, instead of a horse I had my dope Felt B-12 Tri Bike. Bravewind was created out of bombing hills hitting 38mph while laying out over the aerobars managing to not die while high wing gusts were attacking from the side.

Since I bought the new tri bike I have been trying to get used to the difference in stability when you are laying out there over the front on your aerobars. It's a little more wobbly and with no brakes out there it is more of a mental/I dare you challenge to hit a top speed and also not die.

Today I hit 38mph and it was cool, but then there were these wind gusts swiping from the sides throwing more instability into it which made me....Bravewind.

Lame.....yes. Exhilarating.....definitely.

After that I went out to the trail for a 45 minute run. I was worked from some of the hill work on the bike, but also enjoying just cranking through it. Unfortunately, toward the end of the run I was starting to question if it would be over soon. I think with the two-hour bike Sunday, hour run and 3000 yard swim Monday, and hour bike 45-minute run legs are seeking a lil recovery. Oh well, still a good fun day of training.

Day 48 Training Log - Today called for an hour bike and 45 minute run. For the bike I went out with my training buddy up the highway 520 trail, which included some cool hills including three mega hills. One is a gradual one-mile incline, and the other two are super steep half-mile inclines. The great thing about hill work is that the downhills are so much more fun! After the bike ride and about a 20 minute transition to answer some email, return a phone call, and have some water, we headed out to the trail for a 45 minute run. The run ended up being 45:52 for 5.75 miles at a 7:58 pace. All in all another 2500 calories burned. Prolly gonna make it up in leftover Valentine's candy....woop woop.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Level Up - Start Week 18

February 16, 2009 -

I had a run and swim today and with weeks 20 and 19 under my belt I was feeling good. Actually, I handled today's workouts with ease, which got me thinking, time to level up. Gonna have to go harder and take it up a notch. I ran today wondering when running at an 8 minute pace for an hour became such an easy thing? It went by so fast today and was not even tiring? Weird right.

Then I hit a long swim in the pool and the same thing. I was strong and felt as though I could have kept going. All in all I am excited how things are going to this point. I'll probably take some time this week and start going through my March training calender to determine if I should start getting intimidated or not.

The weather this week is supposed to be low 50's and sunny all week so I will be cranking outside each day, which will be dope.

Day 47 Training Log - I had and hour run and a 3000 yard swim today. The run was a cakewalk. It flew by and could have been mistaken for some stroll around the neighborhood even though it ended up being about 7.5 miles at an 8 minute pace. I did run slower on the return route by 52 seconds. I turned around at 30 minutes and ran the same route back and came in at 1:00:52. Gotta pick up my pace on that last mile, which is all uphill. With the day off work I went from the run to the gym for a swim. The swim was 6 x 500 and I was swimming each 500 in about 9:45 so it took about an hour. I was focusing on my form, especially when I was getting tired. All in all, great day, felt strong.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Ironman Is My Persia

February 15, 2009 -

I know yesterday I wrote about the plurality of Ironman for me. However, this morning at 6a in the cold garage on the bike trainer....I was one. It was me there while the house was sound asleep. I was spinning away motivated by one single thing.....the movie 300.

I love to watch the motivating one-liners and epic battle scenes before my long races. It has been a ritual for some time now. Wake up around 4a and make some coffee, cook some oats and watch some 300, then go get my race on.

Today, with a two-hour ride on the trainer I knew I needed the power of a serious action-epic flick and the only one that could fill it's shoes today was 300. I was cranking away as hard as ever, and during every bloody battle scene I was maxing out. Weird how that works??? A little strange actually.

It was awesome! The best trainer ride to date. I guess the reason may be because in some nerdy way I want to be like the Spartans battling, me vs. Ironman. The Ironman is my Persia and I am it's Spartan king Leunitas. Armed with my horse (bike), shield (wetsuit), and spear (shoes), I will attack Persia (CDA IM) as one lone Spartan battling the most incredible army known to man (the Ironman).!!!!

Chew on that Persia......suckers!

Day 46 Training Log - Simple simple, two hours on the bike today. Up at 6a and cooked up some egg whites with 1/4 cup brown rice and 1/4 cup lean ground turkey meat. Toss a lil shredded cheddar on top and you are good to go. The prefect mix of protein and carbs. The entire two hours was all big ring work, but the first hours was a mix of easier gears, but all fast spinning. On the second hour I put the bike on it's hardest gear and cranked for 10 minutes. Then, every ten minutes after that I put it one gear easier but rode at a faster cadence. I was feeling pretty accomplished (but mostly schwetty) at the end.

Post Script - Pictured (bottom picture): not me (top pictures, fairly close). However, may be a fair interpretation of my intensity today during 300 battle scenes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ironman Is Not Singular

February 14, 2009 -

Ironman in its own right is a singular word....I am an Ironman. It is a journey of one person's rigorous training and one long day of personal test and trial.....or is it? For me, Ironman is a plural word. It is more like IronFamily, because without the support (and permission) of them, there would be no race.

I'm sure only two weeks into training my wife is already tired of hearing all about every detail of my training that day, and my kids would much rather prefer me tickling and chasing them around than disappearing into the garage on the bike trainer for two hours.

What I realized is that this race takes as much sacrifice from my family as it will take from me and when I cross that finish line in June it won't be just my victory, but also my family's. On that day, all the hours I have trained will pay off and all the hours they have supported will pay off, and I will not be an Ironman on that day, but we will be an IronFamily

Day 45 Training Log - The beautiful Saturday. You precious little Saturday you. Happy Valentines to me; it's my day off.

Friday, February 13, 2009


February 13, 2009 -

Molphin. That was me today in the pool. Half man half dolphin. Breakthrough in swimming finally! After a highly discouraging swim on Wednesday I rocked it hard today. I read a few articles on swim stroke and technique and tried to implement today what a difference. I could feel it as I gracefully slid through the water with power and style.

In fact, you may see me on a Wheaties box next week (if of course, some sweet advertising scout was there to witness the greatness.)

As for the bike, I got up for the third time this week at 6a and hit a work out. I know most of you hard-core tri-peeps get up long before that to crank out your training and probably scoff at my leisurely 6a triumph and to you I say....bah! Whatever, this is where I begin. (PS - but good for you, I wish I could do that and am sure I will have to soon enough (secretly jealous)).

Day 44 Training Log - Today on the plan was a 55 min varied bike trainer ride and a 1500 yard speed swim. I woke up at 6a and hopped on the bike to yet another great and twisted episode of Dexter and worked it out. It was a 10 minute warm-up at a fast spin on an easy big ring, and then sets of 8-minutes at a hard big ring spin followed by a 2-minute big ring easy recovery. Then a 5-minute cool down. During lunch, I went to the pool for a 1500 yard speed swim. This was a 300 yard warm-up with a form focus followed by 10 x 100. Where it was a 1 to 5 descent and a 6 to 10 descent. If you don't know, that means all out on your first 100 and gradually turn down speed so by 500 you are at an easy pace. Then you repeat that pattern on 600 through 1000. That was followed by a 200 cool down, which was 50 kick, 50 swim....repeat. And then....glory glory. I was done by noon, that means a full day and a half off....rock-n-roll baby!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does A Runner Sh!# In The Woods?

February 12, 2009 -

Had a long run today, which a buddy of mine who is training for a half-iron distance race came with me. The company is actually nice as I'm used to training alone. It breaks up the monotony. He's a longtime friend who was "encouraged" by his wife to "maybe" do a triathlon with his triathlon nerd (me) buddy in an effort to stop the gradual descent into obesity (the exact reason I started triathlon).

We cranked out 12 miles at my best pace in a few months for that distance, and it ended up being a nice afternoon (sunny and about 48). What's funny though, is something I touched on last week. A couple dudes cruising down the trail with their tights on talking about all the gossip. Highly amusing when I step back and think about it. I assume it's the manly equivalent as a couple chicks getting together to paint toenails, eat popcorn and talk about their boyfriends.

Wow that's lame. I must immediately go outside, yell at someone, throw a big rock, spit and puff my chest out. Maybe then my manhood will be redeemed.

Anyway, the most amusing part of the day was my buddies constant need to poo. Geesh, how many times can you go in one day??? Exactly three and a half if you are him. It was the constant denominator and topic for some interestingly funny conversations along the run. The "run poo" is the worst. So distracting and bothersome. I'm surprised he was able to keep that pace with his constantly nagging friends. Even if he was able to dispel them several times.

AHAHAHAHAHAHHA, gross and funny, and so real. All of you runners know this.

Day 43 Training Log - So today was a 90 minute long run, which I hit 11 miles on last week. I wanted to bump up to 12 this week even if it went way over 90 minutes. I ended up hitting 12 at 1:34:23, which was a 7:52 pace. My goal is to get my half marathon down to a 7:15 pace this year......we'll see. I was really worked for about and hour or two after the run, but them came back real fast. Excited to blow through tomorrow's workouts early and enjoy another day off!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Beautiful Disaster

February 11, 2009 -

Worked it out today with a swim and weights combo that was....mmmmm......ok at best. My swim could only be described as a beautiful disaster. For whatever reason, it was hard and I felt slow. There were moments however when I felt efficient and fast. These moments quickly fell into the visual disgrace of half swimming half drowning.

The swim just seemed to drag and drag and I felt a majority of it I was just dragging through the water rather than gliding. That is why, to someone watching, it could only be described as a beautiful disaster. A brilliant combination of great swimming and some sort of sinking/gasping motion.

With these swims getting longer and longer I definitely am feeling the need to get some type of swimming coaching. Just so I at least know I'm swimming efficiently. I feel as though I am working way too hard in the pool as I watch others effortlessly glide by me........bah!

Oh well. I also lifted today even though the plan only called for the swim, but I am trying not to lose strength training all together. I pretty much did the same weights as last week however, I sucked at them way worse this week. In my own defense though, the weights would say "hey Josh, way to go, you lift us up he-man."

Day 42 Training Log - So in an effort to keep my buffness (or lack thereof) in check I added on a weight workout to my "swim only" day. This turns my six-a-week workouts into four two-a-days and two long days. The effort of Ironman I guess....I have nothing to complain about, I am enjoying the challenge for now. My swim today was 2450 yards all free with a warm-up of 4 x 50, a main of 2 x 1000 with a medium on the first 1000 and a med-hard on the second, and then a 250 progressive cool down. I hit the swim this am before work and then went back for weights during lunch. Weights started with the bench press hitting an all new high this week of 220 (I tried for 225 and couldn't quite lock it out). Then, moved to the kettle bell shoulder press of 4 x 8 for each arm with a 35lb bell. Then finished with dead-hang, closed-grip pullups for four sets of 8,7,6,5. I mixed the pullups on the off sets with this leg raise that always kills me. You lay on the row bench and reach your arms back to hang on the handles then put our legs straight out over the edge of the bench. You raise your legs up and extend further at the top for an extra crunch bringing your butt up, I know.