Thursday, February 19, 2009

Over The Hill

February 19, 2009 -

I had a 90 minute "long run" today. Long seems to be a relative term compared to what's coming, but anyway, I had to crank it out early this am because I have my moms in town visiting. Rather than go all out to push last week's 12 mile pace, I wanted to do an easier pace but more hills this week.

I set out at 7a in 36 degrees. The run was good, it mostly just seemed long and I had low motivation to work hard. I did however eat up some hills....about 6 in all. Two of them were long gradual ascents and the other four were very steep but short ascents.

The hills were cool, I do like the fact that I really have no need for recovery at the peak, I can pick back up to my normal pace and keep cranking.

I also, put together my March training calendar today and.....bah! Geesh. I guess we are moving out of the "build" phase and into "phase 1". That basically means twice at much time and intensity as this month. I'm going to really have to start getting creative at how fit in these three and four hour workouts consistently next month. I'm certain there is a reason why they call this thing Ironman (haha). I'm guessing I will also really need to figure out how to ramp up my nutrition and supplements again as well as get dialed in on my stretching.

Day 50 Training Log - So 90 minute long run today. I ran an easy 8:38 pace for just under 11 miles but worked in a load of hills. Today's run was kinda just blah. It wasn't hard, it wasn't easy, it was just there......and then it was over.

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