Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bald Is The New Pink

February 25, 2009 -

I'm so done with hair. I think I still have plenty to go around, but it is definitely thinning on top. You combine that with it's new lengthiness, two-a-day workouts, which mean two showers, which means two hair dealings and it is over between me and my hair (on my head).

I did away with the leg hair as to be perceived as this highly skilled and intense triathlete and felt it was only a matter of time before the head hair just had to go. I feel this is a pretty girly thing to blog about but it was an issue and had to be cleared by the boss (wife), before I could move forward. As I'm hitting the gym twice a day between workouts to shower and time is limited; I was actually having to use a blow dyer....that was the final straw.

So I did what any man forced to use a blow dryer should do. I immediately went to the barber shop and got that shiz buzzed right off. I call it more David Beckham and Less Dr. Evil.

Today I swam in the morning and came back for weight training at lunch and it was so fast and easy, no hair, no product or style...badda boom...badda bing....and I'm out (although wifey says it can't happen again...I like it and think it may have to stick around for awhile.).

Day 56 Training Log -I had a dope 1650 yard swim this am. It was a 4 x 75 warm-up with each, last 25 a kick. Then, 3 x 400 at a swift pace, followed by a 150 cool down. It was a great swim today. I felt strong, swift, and fast...and I liked that. I went back the gym over my lunch hour for some weight work. I hit the bench heavy for four sets and then one press-out. Moved to double medicine ball with feet on a bosu pushups for 4 x 8. From there to Kettle bell, closed stance shoulder raises with a 35lb bell. Moved from there into mixed sets of close-grip pullups (4 x 9,8,6,5), and kettle bell "american swings" for 4 x 10 at 35lbs (click hyperlink to view video, excpet this guy does not briefly lock arms or thrust hips enough). I was way spent after this and so starving as is the usual these I....was....out. 10 - 4 good buddy.

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