Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Ironman Is My Persia

February 15, 2009 -

I know yesterday I wrote about the plurality of Ironman for me. However, this morning at 6a in the cold garage on the bike trainer....I was one. It was me there while the house was sound asleep. I was spinning away motivated by one single thing.....the movie 300.

I love to watch the motivating one-liners and epic battle scenes before my long races. It has been a ritual for some time now. Wake up around 4a and make some coffee, cook some oats and watch some 300, then go get my race on.

Today, with a two-hour ride on the trainer I knew I needed the power of a serious action-epic flick and the only one that could fill it's shoes today was 300. I was cranking away as hard as ever, and during every bloody battle scene I was maxing out. Weird how that works??? A little strange actually.

It was awesome! The best trainer ride to date. I guess the reason may be because in some nerdy way I want to be like the Spartans battling, me vs. Ironman. The Ironman is my Persia and I am it's Spartan king Leunitas. Armed with my horse (bike), shield (wetsuit), and spear (shoes), I will attack Persia (CDA IM) as one lone Spartan battling the most incredible army known to man (the Ironman).!!!!

Chew on that Persia......suckers!

Day 46 Training Log - Simple simple, two hours on the bike today. Up at 6a and cooked up some egg whites with 1/4 cup brown rice and 1/4 cup lean ground turkey meat. Toss a lil shredded cheddar on top and you are good to go. The prefect mix of protein and carbs. The entire two hours was all big ring work, but the first hours was a mix of easier gears, but all fast spinning. On the second hour I put the bike on it's hardest gear and cranked for 10 minutes. Then, every ten minutes after that I put it one gear easier but rode at a faster cadence. I was feeling pretty accomplished (but mostly schwetty) at the end.

Post Script - Pictured (bottom picture): not me (top pictures, fairly close). However, may be a fair interpretation of my intensity today during 300 battle scenes.

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