Thursday, February 12, 2009

Does A Runner Sh!# In The Woods?

February 12, 2009 -

Had a long run today, which a buddy of mine who is training for a half-iron distance race came with me. The company is actually nice as I'm used to training alone. It breaks up the monotony. He's a longtime friend who was "encouraged" by his wife to "maybe" do a triathlon with his triathlon nerd (me) buddy in an effort to stop the gradual descent into obesity (the exact reason I started triathlon).

We cranked out 12 miles at my best pace in a few months for that distance, and it ended up being a nice afternoon (sunny and about 48). What's funny though, is something I touched on last week. A couple dudes cruising down the trail with their tights on talking about all the gossip. Highly amusing when I step back and think about it. I assume it's the manly equivalent as a couple chicks getting together to paint toenails, eat popcorn and talk about their boyfriends.

Wow that's lame. I must immediately go outside, yell at someone, throw a big rock, spit and puff my chest out. Maybe then my manhood will be redeemed.

Anyway, the most amusing part of the day was my buddies constant need to poo. Geesh, how many times can you go in one day??? Exactly three and a half if you are him. It was the constant denominator and topic for some interestingly funny conversations along the run. The "run poo" is the worst. So distracting and bothersome. I'm surprised he was able to keep that pace with his constantly nagging friends. Even if he was able to dispel them several times.

AHAHAHAHAHAHHA, gross and funny, and so real. All of you runners know this.

Day 43 Training Log - So today was a 90 minute long run, which I hit 11 miles on last week. I wanted to bump up to 12 this week even if it went way over 90 minutes. I ended up hitting 12 at 1:34:23, which was a 7:52 pace. My goal is to get my half marathon down to a 7:15 pace this year......we'll see. I was really worked for about and hour or two after the run, but them came back real fast. Excited to blow through tomorrow's workouts early and enjoy another day off!


  1. Truth can be funnier than fiction and I'm on the ground laughing at this one. Only because those of us that are runners know this is true... been there done that!

  2. See, I knew runners could relate to this one!