Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sink Or Swim

February 18, 2009 -

Another one of those little breakthrough moments today. I did an early morning swim with some gradual speed work. If you are one of my loyal IronPeeps you may remember my rant on last Wednesday's swim, which was awful. It was hard and I felt tired and winded.

Well, today was turning out the same way and I was just trying to power through it for about 1000 yards. I was winded and tired and starting to feel like swimming blows. Until I remembered that swimming does not blow, and I like it, and swimming does not rule me....I rule swimming.

From there on out my swim changed.

Yes, I was still tired, I was still winded and I can't figure out why some days I can swim forever and some days I feels like forever. But, today, I chose not to care, but to focus on having the best possible swim with the best possible form. And, with every length I got stronger and better and ended up feeling like I may have found my best and most efficient stroke to date.

Day 49 Training Log - As with the last couple weeks today was my swim only day that I added some weight training on to. I sure didn't want to do the weights today (been feeling a lil waxed), but I want to keep up the strength training and this is the only day I would consider fitting it in to....for now. I swam 2050 today with a speed work warm-up, a gradual speed build main swim, and an easy cool down. That was early morning, then I went to work for a few hours, then back to the gym for strength training. Did pretty much the same as the last few weeks. Bench press, single arm incline chest press, 35lb kettle bell shoulder raises (from a lunge position), and of course, my arch nemesis pullups (8,8,6,6) and 16lb kettle bell straight arm situps off a step bench.


  1. Sounds like you "owned" it. Embraced it and made it yours! ha ha

  2. I learn from the best...take what you hate the worst and "make it your friend"....thanks pops.