Saturday, February 28, 2009

Harder: Family or IM Taining?

February 28, 2009 -

Is circulating different family through your house for three consecutive weekends harder than Ironman training? NO! Just busier.

We have been having a blast with all the visitors, and it has been working out with no training side effects. Sneaking in Friday workouts, cranking out Sunday morning workouts, and getting ready for the next weekend's party.

It is good practice though. I have been anticipating some upcoming travel and how I'm going to stay on top of my workouts. Juggling the training with these three weekends as well as my trip to Vegas on Monday is great practice. I am traveling for work most of April and part of May and have been wondering how to make it work until I just do. You just figure it out, plan precisely, manage time, and sacrifice some sleep....(hopefully not the sleep).

Day 59 Training Log - So you know Saturday, day off (although in March the day's off start to vary.) Spent a nice day with the family. Walked down to the Kirkland waterfront and had some fun. Loved the day off, did a mile walk down to the waterfront and a mile back pushin the kiddos uphill in the jogger. Back at it tomorrow.

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