Sunday, March 1, 2009


March 1, 2009 -

So I'm heading out on the 6a flight to Vegas tomorrow. On the training log I have a two-hour bike and a 2000 yard swim. Not sure I have the time for that so I'm tossed the bike on to today's workout so all I have to do tomorrow is that swim. Cool.

Only thing was that today I already had a two-hour bike on I add another two hours just to squeeze that extra bit of fun in Vegas?.....YES!

I hit the bike trainer for two sets of two hours today, which ended up getting pretty long for the 4th hour, but all in all not too bad. And now, as long as I kill my swims.....I can blow it up in Vegas.

Very nice....very very nice.

Day 60 Training Log - As mentioned I had a two-hour bike today and I tossed in tomorrow's two-hour bike to get it out of the way. Mostly not to risk not doing it. Time was limited as I needed to be done by 7:30a to hang with the family still in town and see them off and I couldn't junk up the day away from the family as I'm headed out for two days. Solution: I got up at 5:00a and hopped on the bike trainer to knock out the first two hours. My wife went to yoga at 10a and at the same time my lil dude was ready for a nap. I put a movie on for my lil girl and I headed back for another two hours. Good rides, all in big ring, fast spinning with hard gear cranking mixed in at five-minute intervals. Longest bike to date (although there was a two-hour break in between the two rides.)

Final Thought: My arse was sore.

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  1. Sounds like you could use one of them "Roid" pillow for sitting the next couple days :>)