Sunday, March 8, 2009

Strength And Honor

March 8, 2009 -

Today I was the Gladiator of the bike trainer. Had a longer ride that was definitely not happening outside. It was still this whole rain/snow/sleet thing. Whatever, I hopped on the trainer to the movie Gladiator. I had high hopes thinking Gladiator was going to be on of my power movies, but neigh...too much drama.

Don't get me wrong. The action scenes rule, but it had a lot more slowness than I remembered, causing the ride to drag a little at times, but all in all it went pretty well.

Had to give a big cheers to wifey today too for helping me work this ride into the day because I just couldn't muster up the day light savings strength to make it happen this morning. I was not springing forward very quickly today. She helped me plan the times around one kid going to a bday party, the other one taking a nap, and a trip to the store, which allowed me to grind away in the middle of the afternoon....thanx baby.

Day 67 Training Log - The ride today was 2hrs and 40mins. I rode really hard today and felt it afterward. I was out of it for an hour or so. I'm guessing I should have incorporated some nutrition on the ride, that was too long and too hard not to at least do some GU. Oh, well, lesson learned. Anyway, it was all big ring work with fast spinning in a medium gear and then I worked in 5min simulated hill sprints at a very hard gear, spinning as hard as I could push. The next couple weeks are crazy with no days we go.

Post Script - Shout out to my sister-in-law Jill who runs a Body Shop business. She sent me a bottle of Body Shop peppermint cooling leg gel that you massage in to your legs. This stuff is dope. It's kinda cooling, soothing, and tingly. I like to throw some on at the end of the day when I'm chillin. It's a little girly, but it works, so I accept the femminess. Thanks Jill.

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