Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Work Out! Sucka

March 24, 2009 -

What's with this social experiment called the gym. Why does the gym attract hordes of dudes and chicks that are just there to check themselves out in the mirrors, flex a lot, show of their favorite tight clothes and seek out their next dating partner?

What about all the people at the gym that go there for its intended purpose. To work hard, sweat, and get healthy. Why must we be subjected to this gym subculture of people that never seem to do anything but walk around, talk a lot, and fix their hair?

Mr. T says "I pity you fool."

It totally drives me nuts. Pick-up a weight, actually run on a treadmill, and leave your hair alone because you are not awesome. If this proves to be too much, then for the sake of everyone else..... loiter somewhere else please.


For everyone else, enjoy your gym, your sweat, and your accomplishments.

Day 83 Training Log - Today I had a 60 minute bike and a 30 minute run. I came to work totally prepared to bike and run outside. However, we are in the middle of this typical Seattle springtime weather which is grey, rainy and windy in the morning and then usually by mid afternoon it calms down and clears up. I decided not to head out into the rain today but to hit the gym hence my observations above. I hit interval resistance training on the bike for an hour and then 30 minutes at medium pace on the treadmil. Today was deffinitely schwetty; must have saved up extra from that day off yesterday.


  1. I see that all gyms are alike... there's a girl at our gym that my wife tells me that the first thing she does when she gets to the gym (locker room) is to fix her make up and make sure her clothes are just perfect, sometimes she changes two or three times prior to her workout!!!All her outfits are color coordinated, obviously!

  2. So funny. There are so many people like her that work harder at their gym appearance than actually working out. Super easy to spot'em too.