Sunday, March 15, 2009

That's Not Lemondae

March 15, 2009 -

So I went to the pool at the gym today and grabbed a lane at the tail end of "family swim." This was a first for me as I usually get my swims done in the afternoons during the week. I have to say the water was a little murky today. It had this cloudy yellowish tint that I have not seen there to date. Gross.

I was swimming my laps I just drinking up pee right now? Oh well, small sacrifice for Ironman. Plus I saw that guy on "Man Vs. Wild" drink his own pee to survive in the it's gotta be fine.

Also, if you're a reader of this blog, you will remember my short (but pointed) letter to Seattle weather yesterday. Well, I must have angered him because this morning what I got was snow. Big, huge snow flakes coming down like crazy. Then rain slush, the really really cold rain. Then, winds. Wicked winds today, gusts up to 50 mph.....bah!

Anyway, today's workouts were more of a nuisance than anything. Two short workouts that I barely had to workout to complete, but whatever, I got my sweat on, they went well, and I'm ready to hit another heavy week of training.

Day 74 Training Log - Just a 45 minute run and a 30 minute swim today. I hit treadmill at an easy 8:30 pace for 45 and then jumped in the pool for a 30 minute continuous swim. Swim was good and continuous all right. A little slow too. I hit 1500 yards when I got out.

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