Monday, March 9, 2009

Gecha Swim Right - Start Week 15

March 9, 2009 -

Swim struggle today for a bit....then, wait, what's happening...I got rad at swimming? It is so weird how when you have a few days off from swimming it all seems to tank on that first day back. I started the swim today with a pretty solid warm-up and then moved to the first of two-straight thousand yard main swims.

The first thousand I was tired, swam whack and tired, and the distance seemed to last days. Obviously, I was frustrated. Then, something happened. In the next thousand yards it all changed. 500 was dope, swift, and controlled, then the second 500 of that thousand was...well....close to Michael Phelps status.....if he had one lung and no hands.

But wait...there's more. I had a 250 cool down and things were going so well, I just decided keep cranking and it only got better. I was even faster, better, swifter....I was Phelps-like.

It was a bummer it took so long to warm-up, it seems to take a high yardage after the weekend off from swimming, but whatever. I'll take it if I can swim like a dolphin after an extended warm-up.

Day 68 Training Log - So today was a 2650 yard swim and a 90 minute bike. I hit the pool for a 400 warm-up, then two 1,000 yard swims for the main, and then a 250 cool down. You know from about how it went, so that was cool. Then straight to the stationary bike in the cardio theater at the gym for 90 minutes to the movie "21" which was a goodie. Couldn't go outside as again today, it was snowing on and off, and at the time of workout it was dumping! Boo.

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