Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sloppy When Wet

March 7, 2009 -

Woke up to some kind of crazy rain/snow/sleet blowing sideways kinda weather this morning. On any other day I would probably wait it out but for another weekend we have some family in town and it is my little girl's five year birthday party with her friends (fairy-princess party of course).

Thus, I had to hit it. But I didn't care...I was ready for action today. I suited up and hit that slush. I ran my fastest pace for a 45 minute run today, but I wasn't really ever in the zone, begging the question....can I go faster?

It felt like my legs just never really got warmed up today but I didn't care, I was gonna try to haul it out anyway and so I just kept running, just kept running. I was so extreme out there taking sleet to the eye and snow/rain to the clothes making them cold and heavy. I'm such a die hard triathlete.......I thought as I kept trucking.

Then....wait....what are all these other people doing out here, don't they know the weather blows and it is Saturday morning? What is wrong with these people, I am the only extreme one out here. Guess not, guess runners are just a crazy breed.

Since I couldn't be all proud that I went out for a run in such crappy weather, I applied my neighborhood running rule to make me feel happy.

The rule is this: I pass everyone, and no one passes me.

Man I'm a badass.

Day 66 Training Log - I hit a 45 minute run today for 6.14 miles, which was a 7:20 pace. My fastest pace for that 45 minute time to that's cool. Funny thing is, I was feeling totally sloppy and not in the zone like you typically feel when you rock out a new PR. Oh well, I'll take it. This was a makeup run today and now only one more makeup swim to go.

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