Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Put Some Stank On It

March 25, 2009 -

Ah the joy of the double meaning blog title. Yes, today I worked it out hard thus adding an extra dose of stank to an otherwise mild workout....and yes, today I stunk.

What the hell is up with my training clothes. I'm guessing after a few years of hundreds of sweaty workouts, my favorite 10 or so workout shirts are expired. I am not a stinky person, not one who gets BO or foot odor, so you can imagine it's curious that BO was surrounding me today.

I have been starting to notice that once a single drop of sweat hits these "expired" shirts, it must activate something in the fabric that ignites odor screaming to me...."hey man, enough already." To which I say back, "shut up workout gear is expensive." After the surmounting and seemingly constantly accumulating costs of Ironman and its training, something so small as a new round of Under Armour shirts (the cotton blend ones are my favorite to workout in) seems like an expense I don't want to incur.

But what say you people surrounding my stanky, schwetty mess today? Will I be shunned from my peers and labeled as "that stinky stanky guy" that no one want's to work out next to?

Neigh, I will not be that person. I will get the shirts. But I will mind the economy and our financial tightness and buy a new off-brand, exactly the same. And I will buy it at wholesale cost from a buddy who can do that, and these new shirts will cost me $4 rather than $22.

So take that overpriced workout shirts, and shove off you stink bomb shirts that apparently have a life-span.

Today, I am the winner of this fight.

Day 84 Training Log - On the dockett today was a 60 minute bike and a 1150 "recovery" swim. Not sure what I was recovering from as I haven't been in the pool since Friday, but whatever. I am starting to enjoy the thought of this recovery week with its shortened workouts. I can workout harder for a shorter time and be done with it. No dreading the long workouts on multiple days in a row......this week anyway. Back to the real work of Ironman training next week. So I avoided the wind and rain again today mounting up on the stationary bike with the same interval training as yesterday. Today however, I put some stank on it and cranked out an additional 1.5 miles and extra 80 calories burned....which almost killed me. It is not easy to "crank" out a ton harder on already hard, seated resistance intervals. Then to the pool for a quicky (that's what she said). I hit 5 x 200 fast and a 150 cool down....and that was it.


  1. Wow, $4.00 that awesome. Any chance to share with your bloggies at that price?

  2. Sure. I'll let you know when I have found a shirt. I'm having some samples brought in.

  3. I hear you on the expense! How does nylon/lycra/polyester get so pricey? I go to Target and get the C9 stuff on clearance... Amazingly good quality for the price, and no one can tell it only cost $3.50

  4. Good call, I actually have some of those shorts, but it's been a bit. I need to go check out what they have.