Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Order Of Ironman

March 12, 2009 -

Today I had a long run followed by a swim. It was during the swim I understood why the swim in Ironman is first. I was thinking to myself....if the swim was the last leg of Ironman, how many people would drown?

The order of Ironman actually makes sense. Get the swim done first so you don't drown. Get the bike done next so you dont crash (or at least not as much), and then the run. At least on the run all you have to do is fall seems to be the least damaging...right? If you're dying you can walk, if your done you can sit. Whereas in the bike you crash and in the swim you drown.

Great job Ironman inventor, thanks for the cool planning.

Day 71 Training Log - Today I had a 1 hour and 40 minute run and a 2000 yard swim. I could tell my legs were still worked from Tuesday's 8 mile run at that 7:30 pace, but it all seemed ok. I knew I wasn't breaking any records today, but I just settled in and had a good run. I had my new Saucony Guide running shoes on and it was sunny and 45 when I went out. Perfect. I ended up at 1:40:31 at 12.5 miles at an 8:02 pace burning 2002 calories. Then I headed to the pool for a 2000 yard swim. The benefit of swimming everyday is sweet. I had another great day of swimming although at times I felt like I was dragging my tired legs, but I pulled through it. I actually made a serious effort today every time I felt tired, to really focus on my form and technique and I was happy with the results although, I'm sure at times it didn't look that sweet. Anyway, the swim was a 300 swim/kick warm-up, then 20 x 75 yard sprints, and a 200 cool down. My legs are feeling tired, but overall, great day of training.

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