Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get Off It

March 14, 2009 -

Cold, rainy, and windy today in Seattle and I had a three hour bike.....bah! I got up at 5:30a and put in three hours on the trainer and it was looooong. I have to say, I am itching to get off of that thing and hit the road.

I was happy for awhile to put in the hours on the trainer building, watching movies and avoiding the weather, but now, I need to get outdoors. The movies are running out and the rides are getting too long. The other issue I have is the need to get some of these rides done early, which it is still too dark and cold.

Oh well, in due time. I have a couple medium rides this week and plan to head out both times. Also, next Saturday is another three hour ride and I hope to head out for that one too.

Dear Seattle Weather,

Please take two steps back, shut your face, and get warm for me.

Thanks, Josh

Day 73 Training Log - So today was a three hour bike, 30 minute run brick. I got up early and cranked out on the bike trainer. I rode all big ring medium gear throwing in hard intervals of seated resistance. Also, I wore my tri shorts insted of my bike shorts netting me a sore bum. After the three hours I hopped right off the bike and hit the streets. It was about 40 degrees, super windy and raining. You know, that kind of rain that blows sideways and slaps you in the that was awesome. Anyway, the run was pretty easy and seemed to be over right after I started. My legs kicked in right away and didn't seem to be too dead after that bike. Cool.

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