Friday, March 6, 2009

You Do It To Do It

March 6, 2009 -

I'm movin on up like Geroge and Weezy. I find the next two weeks get into my longest swims, bikes and runs to date however, the last two days....I'm still on motivation rebuild. The workouts haven't been too hard, just mostly long.

I wanted to do them, just to get them done. Not because I wanted to rock it, or get at it. Oh well, that will change because I'm going to destroy a killer short run tomorrow and then I will only be behind one swim from the lost Vegas chapters of Ironman training.

Sunny and 50+ degrees in Seattle today so my run outside was dope. I went a new route and had to throw in a couple dog legs to get the time in, but it was all good. I am really trying to find some new bike and run routes because the usuals are starting to get a little boring. Also did a make-up long swim, which was just that....long. I felt good and swam decent, I just wanted to be done. I just did it to do it and want to be careful to not continue to throw my purse at it like a little girl and take that attitude on the workouts. It doesnt challenge or get you better. I was just swimming because I had to. Done witht that....back to killer workouts.

Day 65 Training Log - So cranked out a 60 minute run this morning in about 40 degrees and sunny. Took a new route which I like and threw in some mixed sprints. Nice little run, it went by fast. On my lunch break, I went to the pool to crank out 3000 yards. This was a 300 warm-up, a straight 2500, and a 200 cool down. I think it was that straight 2500 that threw me off, I felt like I was swimming was over....sweet.

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