Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rock Out With Your Workout Out

March 31, 2009 -

I imagine working out doesn't always look graceful. Some days you just have to get in there grind and crank and get the job done. That's exactly what I did today. I swam this morning....and I swam fast. I'm sure to others it may have resembled some happy walrus splashing around, but to me....I was just flying, swimming as hard as I could, and I had a great swim!

Then I had a bike. This as well could have been interpreted by spectators as some crazy twitching sweat bomb going off for an hour an half. To me, I was spinning fast, working hard, rocking out and in the zone.

When I workout something switches on and my intensity level just kicks. I just don't know how to take it easy, go slow, or slack through a workout. I'm always pushing, trying to go faster, further or do more than I have done. This is how I get a sense of accomplishment and achievement from my workouts, and hopefully....this strategy pays off for Ironman.

Even if it doesn't look all that spectacular to the onlooker.

Day 90 Training Log - Today I had a 1500 yard speed swim and a 90 minute bike ride. I hit the pool this morning and just worked hard. I swam until my lungs were bursting and it not only felt good, but it also got better as the swim got a little further. I went back to the gym this afternoon to hit the stationary bike because I could not bring myself to get out in that rain and wind. The weather here in Seattle has been sucking so bad the last couple weeks. Rain, wind, cold...repeat. Anyway, rather than hard intervals today I did speed intervals on medium gears. This was sweet, I was alternating riding fast, and riding all out. I was listening to my tunes, laying down on the bars and just cranking out in the zone. Oh...and sweating ridiculously.

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