Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tri Eternity

April 1, 2009 -

So today I had a reverse tri to really test my training and apply everything I had into all three sports continuously to gauge where I am right now. This was actually Saturday's workout, but I leave early tomorrow for Virginia and am changing things around a bit.

Problem with today was, the weather was the worst....the worst! AARRRGGHHH I hate the weather here so bad right now! Today was 37 degrees and dumping rainy slushy stuff and super windy. Not any kind of weather to attempt running or biking outside in.

So this whole reverse tri thing....I had to do it at the gym. Run, bike, swim all at the gym. BAH!

It seemed to last for hours and hours and I felt like I never really got to challenge myself the same way I could have out on the open road in a real simulation.....that and, I'm fighting off this cold, which had me winded.

Oh well, all in all, I finished it, I was tired and starving afterward, and I was very, very nice to be done with it. I'm looking forward to two swim-only days, tomorrow and Friday and a day off Saturday.

Day 91 Training Log - The breakdown today was a 60 minute run, 90 minute bike, and 30 minute swim. This should ultimately breakdown to about a Olymipic distance tri. I was slow and winded and hating stationary equipment today. I hit the treadmill slowly for about 7 miles, hit the bike slowly at mild interval training for about 27 miles and then finished up in the pool for a 1500 yard swim in 30 minutes. Like I say, I felt like this was sort of a waste doing all this inside, but....what can you do? It was better than suffering out in the rain, wind and slush.

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