Monday, April 20, 2009

The Golden Chid - Start Week 9

April 20, 2009 -

The golden child...that was me today....kinda. I was excited to get back at it after some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. I had planned a run and a swim, but only managed a run. Reason.....the weather. It was gorgeous today. No way I could manage one second longer inside more than I needed to.

I had to suffer through meetings this morning and then finally got out on the trail. It was 74 degrees, clear, sunny and doooope! I threw on my shorts, shoes and shades and hit the trail with no shirt. I had to really, because this golden child is not so golden, but more transparent. I figure I have a week and a half to get a sweet tan for my Wildflower pictures....right? That is of course, if the sun lasts that long.

Day 110 Training Log - I had an hour run today. On this run, I realized that I have some work to do to get ready for heat training. It was 74 today, which I haven't run in since last summer. It wasn't too bad, but definitely takes some getting used to again after a long cold and wet winter. I also realized that I have about a 70 degree, one hour threshold for no nutrition or hydration. I was running today and could have used some Gatorade, but also was fine. It was the best though, no shirt, just some shoes, shorts, shades and the trail running it out in the sun. I hit around 7.5 miles at about a 7:40 pace. I was a little winded, but my legs didn't care because they were running like crazy happy to be back from was awesome!

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