Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm So Hammy

April 9, 2009 -

Should I feel so fatigued today after a down and back trip to Cali yesterday? I had a run and swim today that seemed to drag, and felt harder than they should. Had me thinking that I was probably a little tired, dehydrated and hadn't eaten well that last couple days. My body was telling me all these things as I was working out and made me pay the price.

Other issue is my left hamstring. I think I pulled a hammy. Something is weird in there ever since Monday's 90 minute run? Some muscle under some other muscle is all sore and tight and I'm having a heck of a time working it out. It wasn't super bothersome on my runs today but I was a little tweaked hoping that I wasn't causing any more damage. Initial report....all good in the hood.

Then to the swim, which was just one of those days in the pool that goes on an on and on. There seems to be a current in there slowing you down, and the lane gets a little longer each lap.

Finished up both workouts however, got all my whining and complaining out of the way and ready to hit up some more training tomorrow.

Day 99 Training Log - 75 minute run and a 3000 swim today. The run actually wasn't too bad. It was about 55 out and dry. I hit an easy 8:15 pace and just grooved along to a dope playlist. The pool was the thing that actually did me in today. I just had no breath, I swam sloppy, and my neck/shoulders were achy. The swim was 1 x 1500 and 3 x 500. I was super stoked to be outta there.

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