Monday, April 6, 2009

Let It All Hang Out - Start Week 11

April 6, 2009 -

75 degrees and sunny in Seattle today! We usually get a two days like this every two weeks in April and May and when you do....take advantage and let it....all.....hang......out!

That's the only explanation why you could view me running down the trail today....topless. With no warning and total disregard to other's poor eyes....I ran with my shirt off. I understand that most other innocent walkers on the trail were not prepared for this early season sighting of the pale white male cruising along, but on a day like today, there is really no other option.

You take total advantage of every ounce of great, warm, delicious sunshine. Most importantly, you try to soak up any rays you can, into your transparent, clear skin, as to evolve from your Seattle winter vampire-like condition to a goldeny-bronze warrior.

It's still early in the season so I can't start calling myself Vito Bronzelioni (as does a friend of mine), or refer to my posse as the bronzestellation.....but soon, with more days like today, and heavy doses of that sweet sunshine.....we will return triumphantly.

Day 96 Training Log - I had a 4400 yard swim today but I had to swap with a 90 minute run because it was just too nice out. I hit the trail with my pal Marcus and we ran it out. This run was actually a little tough for me. I was tired today and dehydrated coming off that four day trip. We still managed to crank it ok though. I haven't checked the final numbers yet, but they should read something like 7:45 pace for 11.5 miles.

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  1. A sunny day in Seattle is a little piece of heaven...we always used to say, "it's not a tan, it's rust" such thing as tan in Seattle! ;) It took me a while to get used to actually working when it was sunny out once I moved to the south..."what do you mean you don't drop everything and go outside when it's sunny?!"...