Sunday, April 5, 2009


April 5, 2009 -

So I couldn't make it out of Philly last night and the next flight back to Seattle was tonight at 6p.

I knew last night that I had to workout today or I would be two workouts behind and I'm already trying to rework the upcoming week due to a California trip. The only issue was I had no bags, no clothes and no personal items. Yes, all those items actually made it back to Seattle on time.

I picked up a Hertz rental car and booked a room at the Sheraton in the university district at the University of Pennsylvania. This got me thinking.....student rec center.

I hopped in the whip this morning and headed to a target. There I picked up workout shorts, shirt and socks for the bike. Then I grabbed some goggles and board shorts for the swim. Throw in T-shirt and undies, deodorant and a toothbrush and I was set! I stole a towel and the soap and shampoo from the hotel and headed to campus.

I swam first in a sweet collegiate competition 50m boardshorts. This was a hard feat. It was like swimming with a small parachute on. Each time I kicked off the wall all the water would rush in the back and practically stop me. I cranked it out though and enjoyed the pool.

Then I headed upstairs to the bike and did a medium level hill climb. It was a 2000 foot simulated climb that just kept repeating. This was good except I was wearing my boxer briefs rather than my compression shorts; so that was interesting for the boys.

After that I cleaned up, headed to the airport for my six hour flight home.

Day 95 Training Log - I had a 2550 yard makeup swim and a 90 minute ride today. The swim was 2550 meters (is that longer?) which was 250 swim, 250 kick, 250 pull, and 250 swim warmup. Then a 3 x 500 main swim and a 50 cool down. The bike was 90 minutes of hill climbing on the stationary bike. I did all this on a powerbar breakfast and a cliff bar and banana after the swim. I was so starving when I got to the airport I bought like 10 things to eat on the plane.


  1. That is the most resourceful travel workout I have EVER seen. Nice!

  2. It was just lucky I didn't have any work to do so could just focus on how to work out and pass time until my flight.