Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feel The Burn...And Love It

April 16, 2009 -

Another beautiful day out today, 60+ degrees and sunny in Seattle. Perfect as I had to head out on another bike today. It was actually my day off, which I could really use, but I wasn't going to be able to get a bike in this weekend so I did some re-working. Sooooooo happy to get it out of the way though! All I have left this week is a measly little one-hour run on Friday, day off Saturday, and a 2500 swim on Sunday.......dope!

So on yesterday's bike I was going for pace, and today I went for hills. I have to say, after Sunday's 18 mile run, Monday's swim and 90 minute stationary hill bike, Tuesday's swim, 90 minute stationary resistance interval bike and run, Yesterday's swim and two hour bike for pace......after all, on the hills......I was feelin the burn.

This was a good burn, the kind that let's you know you've been, and are working hard. It took just a little bit, but after I go the ol' leggers flushed out, I was cruisin, working the hills finished this hill loop of mine ten minutes faster than the last time I attempted it a few weeks ago......sahweeeet!

Can you tell I'm excited. Pushed through the bulk of all my hard workouts and now I get to enjoy a couple easies and a weekend out of town, half workinig, but mostly half playing with my family.

The only obstacle I face now is a 5 hour drive accross the state with the kids in carseats in the back usually not likeing to be confined for that length of time.

Day 106 Training Log - I moved up a two hour bike ride from Saturday to today. It was a great ride, lots of hill work and a good amount of flat too. I felt great for the ride but could deffinitely feel the 'ol arse, quads, and that area around the back of your neck and shoulders all getting sore.
Had a nasty headwind comin at me about the last eight miles of the ride that had me thinking.....please let's have none of that in any my upcoming races....thanks.

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