Friday, April 10, 2009

Rain Man

April 10, 2009 -

Definitely rain, definitely, definitely rain. Why does Seattle weather get the "memo" every time I have a long training day that would benefit most from being outside??? I went from running outside on Monday with no shirt, in 70!

I had a run/bike totalling three hours today that I was certain I could not do inside. I got up and saw that it was 47 degrees, rainy and windy. Whatever, mother nature ain't confining me to anymore dreadmill and bike trainer if I can help it. I figure as long as it's 50 degrees out, I'll run or bike in whatever weather.

I set out on the run, got soaked, but rocked to a cool playlist and picked up the pace a little from yesterday. The 'ol hammy was still a lil wierd, but cool though. Nothing overly alarming so I keep pushing.

Then the bike. I did this sweet new loop from my office in Redmond up the 520 dropping down into Kirkland. Rode along the waterfront, up market street past my house, through Juanita and up the hill into Kenmore, down the hill through Bothell, through Woodinville and back into Redmond. It was a cool mix of great hills and flat. I like the ride a ton and will make that loop a staple in future rides. By the end however, I was soaked, muddy, gritty, and cooooold!

Day 100 Training Log - Today I had an hour run and a two hour bike. Both were actually great. I worked hard and enjoyed the workouts, but the weather is such a mental battle. I was so cold and done with the wind by the time the bike was over. Oh well, as per usual, I did was good....battled its challenges....and it was over. TGIF!

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