Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shine On

April 23, 2009 -

Caught the early am flight out to Kansas City today, which meant being up a 4a. Then, a connection in Chicago, and finally getting in around 3p. I've been finding that, these day's pretty much kill my motivation level by the time I get to where I'm going. I caught short sleep, didn't eat or hydrate normal, and just want to get organized for work and relax when I hit my destination.

Occasionally, I can sneak a workout in on days like this....but it's matter how good my intentions. Then, today, added value to not workout....82 degrees and sunny. I was obligated to get my shine on. I hit the pool deck for about an hour. I'm positive NASA got a call from the space station about a mysterious glowing white light coming from earth at that exact moment....but was glorious. I slathered up, baked, sweated, and shined. As I said....glorious.

Day 113 Training Log - So as you can gather, no training today. I am in a mixed training/taper schedule anyway preparing for Wildflower in just over a week, but should have done something other than bronzing today....oh well. Lucky me though, the pool I'm at actually has a lap lane, outdoors. If all goes according to plan, I will get my first ever outdoor lap pool swim tomorrow morning. Wish me luck and hope Kansas City goes gently on me tonight.

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