Wednesday, April 15, 2009

V Is For Victory

April 15, 2009 -

I have been on now for seven days with another two to go before reprieve on Saturday. I have been making up workouts, getting ahead on workouts and generally hitting 2.5 to 3 hours a day. My body has been feeling generally fatigued and I'm not sick, but I do have this funky stuff in my lungs which apparently makes it hard for you to swim and breathe.

This is why a victory, no matter of a big one and I had three today. First, after two days of awful swimming I had a solid day today. Still a little winded from this lung thing, but overall I had a strong stroke and good form....sweet victory, especially because this swim wasn't on today's training plan. I added it on so I wouldn't have to try and find a pool when I'm out of town this weekend.

Second, I had a bike today and after being stuck inside on the stationary due to weather and pondering if I am working hard enough or getting the training I was sunny today! Sunny and 55 degrees when I went out. From week to week, I always forget how good it feels to get outdoors, lay down on your aero bars and just cook. It was nice.....sweet victory.

Third, and the biggest victory was my bike pace. As I mentioned, because I have had to do so much trainer and stationary bike work, I get nervous that I might be under-trained on the bike, especially with Wildflower rapidly approaching (which is famed for it's ruthless hills on the bike course). Today however, I just cruised along working hard, but not high intensity and I ended up at a 19.3 mph pace! Last year my average was 17mph and this year I have been trying to bump that to 20mph....I'm on the cusp.....sweet victory.

Day 105 Training Log - Today I only had a two hour bike, but I threw on a 2300 yard swim from this upcoming weekend so I could reduce my workouts on the road. I hit the swim this morning, which was a 500 followed by 5 x 100, then a 400 followed by 4 x 100, then 200 followed by 2 x 100, and a 100 to swim. Then, I got outside on the bike heading around Lake Sammamish, back into Redmond, over to Woodinville, and back to Redmond to bike.....sweet victories.

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