Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Outdoors

April 24th 2009 -

Today I got in my first ever swim in an outdoor lap pool.....and I loved it! It was about 75 degrees outside and 80 degrees in the pool. It was also super windy almost as if the weather new it should make the water all wavy to further simulate an open water swim. I can't wait until Seattle gets nice enough for our local pool to open for the season (usually late June or July...bah). I'd always chose that over the pool inside at the gym.

I also hopped on the stationary bike after my swim and hit that for a bit. Great lil morning workout overall. I have been working a ton today and don't always have access to food and water right when I want it like at home so I find myself thirsty and dehydrated most of the day only getting a chance to eat a couple big meals and no real snacks.

Oh well, another busy day of work tomorrow and then back on the plane home. I work from 7a until 2p and head straight to the airport so most likely will not get a chance to workout tomorrow. Oh well.

Day 114 Training Log - I hit 2550 in the outdoor lap pool at the hotel today. The swim was a 250 warm-up, then 2 x 1000 and a 4 x 75 cool down. This was a great swim, I felt strong and really enjoyed swimming outside. After, I moved inside to the stationary bike at the hotel gym for an hour. During the spin I threw in three, one-minute all out sprints spaced one-minute apart. I did this every other five minutes. Good day today.

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