Friday, April 17, 2009


April 17, 2009 -

Oh how quickly we forget. I'm in Spokane, working, and loving a weekend get-away at the same time. No way was I going to get up this morning out of my koosh bed at the Davenport hotel and leave wifey to go workout when we have no kiddos around (thanks nana and papa for hooking that up). I laid there in a mountain of pillows and down with the sunshine peeking through the drapes thinking to my self....there is no way I am doing anything but feeding out and enjoying this time totally kid-less....even if some work is involved.

So we got up and moseyed to breakfast...still made good choices with oatmeal and a a fruit plate. We walked around the city for a bit and then went to work for
about two hours. After that, enjoyed a great lunch and a dope winery tour and tasting. The greatest part is nothing could have been further from my mind than Iron man training. I did not care about it and I did not feel guilty for taking today off. It was great, delightful, fantastic and grand.

In fact, today felt like I had not been training for anything at all. The thought if even running one mile sounded overwhelming and too large task to comprehend on such a great I ignored the workout and enjoyed the day. As long as I am here rockin out with wifey and no kiddos....Ironman is on hold.

Yea do you like me now! I own you!

Day 107 Training Log - Only a one hour run on the plan today, which I didn't do. I'll get to you soon enough you little run you.

Post Script - Shot out to my dad who registered for the inaugural 2010 St. George Utah Ironman. My pain will be yours soon enough. Good luck old man.

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  1. Thanks, I"ll need all the luck, training, tips and support I can get! Your blog is a great inspiration.