Monday, April 27, 2009

The Zone - Start Week 8

April 27, 2009 -

Geesh, it must be race time because I am in the zone. The last two days I had to implement my favorite rule which is: "I pass everyone and no one passes me." I really wanted to crank on the bike yesterday so that was easy...but today....I'm not sure what happened.

I had a long run that I am making my last real workout this week outside of a couple shorter swims. I thought in an effort to taper and not overdo it, I would do the miles, but just jog it out. I started to jog it out until there was this seemingly consistently spaced line of other joggers out on the trail. I had no choice but to pick up the pace, pass every runner on the trail and let everyone know who the boss is.

That is exactly what I did continually picking up the pace and knocking a full five minutes off my last five miles. My mile six was a 6:30 and my mile 10 was a 6 minute mile.....who was smokin babay!

The thing about it, was that the whole run felt solid. Coming off of that four hour ride yesterday and going out in 65 degrees with no hydration or nutrition. Just out there runnin like a crazy man. I'm loving it and am soooo ready to get my race on this Saturday.

Day 117 Training Log - This was supposed to be a 15k all out run which I wa s going to turn into a 10 mile jog, which turned in to five medium paced miles and five all out miles so it all evens out. My pace for 10 miles overall ended up being 7:32. I'm going to swim tomorrow and Wednesday and then take Thursday and Friday totally off. The rest of the week I will focus on a lot of stretching, hydration and clean eating.

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