Wednesday, April 8, 2009


April 8, 2009 –

So today I had to fly down to Orange County, do this whole dog-and-pony show for our board of directors and then catch a flight back to Seattle. During this minor “inconvenience” I needed to figure out how to get a swim and a short run in.

I concocted the perfect plan however. As fate would have it, the hotel where the meetings were being held had this amazing fitness club and outdoor lap pool in the California sunshine just waiting for me to bring it justice; and I had two and a half hours between landing and my meeting to get this done.

It could have worked perfect except one thing. I forgot my jammers. But wait….I’m resourceful, I can buy some. And….as if another stroke of fate had it, there was a sporting good store that sold jammers only blocks away from the meeting/fitness facility. I figured this all out at the airport this morning as I realized my forgetful mistake. I armed myself with directions, a plan, and exact timing to get this done.

Then….as fate would have it our plane had a dent in it??? What kind of plane has a dent in it? We boarded, I read for awhile, then we were asked to de-plane. We had to get a new plane, new gate, and new arrival time, which didn’t include my incredibly cool workout plan.

All is not lost though. The swim is bagged, but at least I can still squeeze in that short run. I land, turn on my phone, and get the a very "non-workout plan" message….."please hurry your presentation time is moved up an hour"…..DAMN! I get off the plane, rush the 20 miles to the meeting only to get there at the precise time we were requested.....only to be delayed 30 fricken more minutes!

Long story longer, the meeting goes longer than expected and we get out of there only in enough time to race back to the airport and back to Seattle.

Day 98 Training Log – 3000 yard swim and 30 minute run sacrificed in order to keep my job…I guess that works for me. But, these are hard workouts to make up as I really only have a couple days off this month. With two more trips and as ton of three hour workouts; fitting them elsewhere will be a challenge. Oh well, I’ll find a way….it’s what I do!

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