Friday, April 3, 2009

Sleep And Rally

April 3, 2009 –

So yesterday was a hard day. Super tired, sick, and a trip across the country will do that to you. So what do you do…sleep it out. I was exhausted last night and I slept hard…..for 10 hours! I don’t recall sleeping that many hours at least since college. It was great! I woke up still sick, but feeling refreshed.

I found a Gold’s with a pool out here in Richmond and headed to the pool this morning. It was great to workout, but this cold is consuming my nasal cavities and my lungs, which makes swimming HARD!

I can’t complain however. It was a great swim outside of being winded and it’s always fun to swim in a new facility.

Cranked out the swim, went to work at this coliseum out here in Richmond, which had me carrying stuff and trekking all over the place this afternoon, which had to count from some kind of additional work-out time….right?

I work all morning and afternoon tomorrow and then back on the plane getting home tomorrow night. Not sure when I will make up that swim from yesterday, but I’m also not worried about it.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Day 93 Training Log – Today was a 2500 yard swim with 200 swim, 2000 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim warm-up. Then 16 x 100 ascending swim every 400 yards. Finished off with a 2 x 50 cool down. After, I fed out on some tacos and enjoyed an hour of 70 degrees and sunshine…..take that Seattle!

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