Sunday, April 12, 2009


April 12, 2009 -

Today the Josh Clark parade came cruising through town and my parade was rained on. I had a 2.5 hour long run and it was raining all day. My choice was to either run on the dreadmill or hit the pavement in the rain and that is just what I did. The conditions have to be pretty dire to get me on a treadmill for 2.5 hours, although today I would say, was less than optimal.

It was dumping today. Not just that cutesy little Seattle spring drizzle. This was some hard core, pouring down, soak you out rain. I ran from my house in Kirkland down to the marina, along the waterfront, through Bellevue, under the I-90 bridge, and then up onto the bridge and along to the Mercer Island exit and then back.

I was so soaked, my clothes and shoes probably added an extra 10 pounds. By the last few miles my shoes were just sloshing water out with every strike. I did find however, that it wasn't too bad overall. Once you're wet, your're wet. It was about 55 degrees so It wasn't cold, just rainy and windy. I did enjoy a looooong hot shower afterward though.

Day 102 Training Log - So I hit a 2.5 hour run which ended up being 2:31:04 for 18 miles at an 8:24 pace. I would like to have ran an 8 minute pace, but I did find I enjoy running a lot more when I slow things down a bit. I will say, I ate poorly yesterday and partied in Seattle all night with some buddies who were visiting. This was not ideal preparation for today's run....but I guess you know you're in good shape when you can do that and still crank out 18 miles. Note: I will not be doing that legs are cooked.

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