Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Blur

April 26, 2007 -

In cased you missed me, that blur you saw flying by you on the bike today....that was me. I finally made up that four hour bike ride from last weekend and it was great! Today was a huge confidence builder on the bike (my weakest sport) heading into Wildflower this weekend.

I hit the first hour at 18mph, which was good considering I rocked some good hills, but the second hour....that I ruled. I hit 21mph around the Lake Sammamish loop today, my fastest yet. I kept on rocking, hitting over 70 miles in the four hours and having the last hour being almost all big hills including one, 3/4 mile long hill that was the steepest I have ever climbed. I thought my heart was going to explode.

The whole ride was great though. It was sunny and 50 degrees, I felt great, hauled, worked hard, and built up some much needed bike confidence that I. I did almost die when I hit a pothole while I was hauling and laying out on my aero bars. It jerked me forward so hard I cracked the elbow plate on my aerobar are rest pad.

Day 116 Training Log - So four hours on the bike today, my longest ride and biggest miles to date. What made this ride so great was all the hills and speed. I worked really hard today and had a great ride. I had two water bottles with carbopro and one with gatorade. I ate two powerbar gels, one at one hour and one at three hours. I ate a whole powerbar at two hours, and I mixed in powerbar gel tabs throughout. The nutrition worked so I won't change much for Wildflower and see how that goes.

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