Monday, April 13, 2009

My Motions - Start Week 10

April 13, 2009 -

After yesterday's 18 mile run, my legs were a little sore...not too bad, but my left knee was a little achy. I wasn't super excited to jump right back in today with a swim and a bike. So today was a little bit of that "you just gotta do it, going through the motions like a robot" days.

I hopped in the pool and this swim wasn't too long today, but it was hard. I have a little junk in my chest and it took a bit to flush everything out. I was a little winded today and had a hard time pulling together a solid swim.

Then hopped on the stationary bike because as much as I wanted to bike in 42 degrees and rain, the stationary bike is just so much fun. Watched a movie in the cardio theater and did 90 minutes of a hill program. It was five big hills four medium hills and the rest just fast spinning.

All in all this was one of those days, although far and few between when you just crank it out no real motivated, but not real un-motivated. Just puttin in work.

Day 103 Training Log - Today was a 2400 swim and a 90 minute bike ride. The swim was a 3 x 75 warmup, 3 x 600 main swim and a 3 x 50 cool down. I did feel better when I got out of the in I felt a little stretched out and my legs weren't as sore. The bike was good, worked hard and watched a movie.....yee-haw.

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