Saturday, April 4, 2009

Airport Hostage

April 4th, 2009 -

Well I waited at the Richmond airport for a couple hours for my flight, which was then delayed an hour because of weather in Philly. I get to Philly and have missed my connection so I get backed up on the next flight which is three hours later.

That flight is oversold by 30 seats and I never really had a seat on it. Then, US Air tells me it's actually a United flight so they send me there which is about 3/4 mile away. I go there and United says we don't have any flights to Seattle go back to US Air. I go back to US Air and they say your ticket is held by United go back to United. I go back and they they can't help and say go back again.

I get back and finally get re-booked on a flight tomorrow night. I am stuck in Philly after six hours at the airport and don't leave here until 6p tomorrow night. bags were checked. I have no personal items, clean clothes, workout clothes etc. Not sure what I will do tomorrow, but I see myself doing some shopping so I can at least make up my swim from Thursday and do my bike for tomorrow.

Day 94 Training Log - I had the day off today so I am really only behind one swim right now. I will say that I'm dehydrated and tired of eating hotel food! Hopefully I can get some cheap athletic gear tomorrow and workout to kill the time until I leave.

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  1. Oh yeah, gotta love that hotel food, cancelled flights and airline runaround. Good job making the best of a bad situation.