Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

April 21, 2009 -

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for....months. After a few days off and only an hour run yesterday, I stepped up the training a bit today. I rocked out with a swim, run, and bike. It was such a great day in Seattle today, 74 degrees and sunny. It was a great day to be a triathlete.

I hit the pool around noon for a 2250 yard swim and it was the best swim I can remember. Everything just clicked. I swam hard and fast, didn't tire. My form was in tact and it just worked. Came out of the swim feeling pretty cool. This was actually a make-up swim from my Spokane trip.

Then I had a 30 minute run. Another great day today with the sun shining so again...I peeled off the shirt and went for it. For some reason, my legs felt a little sore, I guess from yesterday, but it was all good. I cranked out almost four miles at about a 7:35 pace.

Then I had a 90 minute bike, which I transitioned to right after the run. I threw on my tri jersey and tri shorts and went for it. I wanted to really go for it today and I did. I worked pretty hard for the first hour and hit that 20 mph I have been wanting to get to on that Lake Sammamish (pictured) loop. The loop I do around the lake is about 22 miles. After that I usually hit the 520 trail or the Burke-Gilman Trail. Cruised out the rest of the ride and called it a day.

I had some "honey-do" yard work waiting for me when I got home and also did some lawn mowing, which showed me that my legs were a little worked.

Day 111 Training Log - So 2250 swim, 30 minute run, and 90 minute bike today. All three were great. I worked hard and was happy with each workout. The swim was 10 x 200 EBEH (50 yards x easy, build, easy, hard) finished with a 250 yard cool down. Then just a simple run and a haulin bike. Loving this spring weather...for now.

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