Thursday, April 30, 2009

Game Plan

April 30, 2009 -

As to not give myself a way to wuss out, I figured I should publicly post my goals for the race on Saturday. I don't have much to go off of as I really have no idea where I stand right now, but, I will base it off of last years half IM's and the fact that this course is famed to be one of the hardest half IM courses in the world.

So the race is 1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike and 13.1 mi run. This is exactly half the distance of the full IM race rapidly approaching, so with about seven weeks to go, this will be a great training race to judge where I'm at and what needs work.

What makes the Wildflower course so hard is a steep one mile climb right out of the gate, then moderate rolling hills til mile 40. Then, a five mile 1000 foot ascent hill called the "nasty grade" and another following called "heart rate hill." Beyond that is another 10 miles of big hills rolling into the transition area. Additionally, the run is 60% trail and 40% road with one big hill somewhere in the middle. This is what I have been able to gather from the website and various blogs.

So lets look at last year. I raced the Boise and Lake Stevens 70.3's, which were roughly four weeks apart. In Boise (my first half IM ever), I got a 6:15:53 and in Lake Stevens I got a 6:16:25. Boise was the first, and a relatively easy course, I was just under-trained especially on the bike. Then, Lake Stevens, I hadn't trained much more and was still sucking on the bike and got killed on all the hills of that course (way harder than the Boise course).

So obviously, I would like to feel that I am trained to do way better than both of these past races and my ultimate goal is to beat six hours.

Here are my times for Boise and Lake Stevens:
- Swim: 46:30 - 41:53
- Bike: 3:13:03 - 3:23:05
- Run: 2:07:14 - 2:03:00
- T1: 6:25 - 4:03
- T2: 2:43 - 4:28

Here is what I would like to do in Wildflower:
- Swim: Under 40 mins
- Bike: 3 hrs
- Run: 1 hr and 50 mins
- T1: 5 mins
- T2: 3 mins

Successfully executed, I believe these times would have me pushing my limits on such a hard course and would be not only get me in under six hours (with enough time for a small variance in there somewhere), but would be a tremendous improvement over last year.....we'll see. People that have done this race before have been telling me that there is just no way to plan or predict what the hills are going to do to you.

It's gonna be exciting...stay tuned!

Day 120 Training Log - Another rest day today. Still chillin, hydrating, eating great and stretching. I'm feeling strong, relaxed, energized and ready to race...almost there. Heading to Cali tomorrow morning early.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gearin Up

April 29, 2009 -

It's time to pull out the 'ol triathlon race-day checklist and get the organization of gear in check before Friday's early am flight to Wildflower. It's really amazing how much stuff you need to organize for a successful triathlon (if you're me anyway).

There is the pre-race warm clothes, wetsuit, goggles, towel, race clothes, bike, bike shoes, helmet, shades, body glide, nutrition, water bottles, sunscreen, running shoes, visor, post race clothes and a multitude of other odds and ends that make everything come together in a successful race as long as you don't forget anything.

I just got my bike tuned up and received a new 2009 wheel set from Felt as there was a issue with my front wheel, so I was stoked on that. I picked up the bike and had it in my office today to take home, so it has been staring at me all day sitting right under my brag board of race bibs and medals (see pic). The bike was taunting me, begging me to get out there and just cook. Race all out and make it proud. Ok bike.....I will. Just a couple more short days.

Also, pulled my Zoot tri bag, race clothes, and Zoot Fuzion wetsuit out of hibernation from their winter rest today. Dusted off and ready to pack. I slowly start the gathering and organization of the gear so I can feel confident I have not overlooked anything and tomorrow on the eve of my trip down to Cali I can toss everything in my bag and rest knowing I'm set.

Then all I have to do is try to actually rest. The excitement of the race paired with an overabundance of extra energy from the great nutrition, extra hydration and race taper usually has me jumping out of my skin with energy by the end of the week.

Day 119 Training Log - Nothing today. Most likely I'll buzz the hair, shave the legs and get in a good round of stretching. That should do it for today. Tough day I know. The waiting is the hardest part.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Time

April 28, 2009 -

It's officially "go-time" whatever that means. Apparently the sweet racing minded zone I'm in right now remembered to tell my swim today because I rocked that one out too. Now I have completed three great workouts with a long bike, long run, med swim. Each workout was fast, in good form and felt great is go time!

I'm going to take off now Wednesday and Thursday and probably sneak in a little swim in the lake on Friday after registration. Other than that, I'm just going to continue to prepare mentally. Since Sunday, my head has been in this constant state of race planning, preparation and growing competitiveness. After Sunday's bike I went from this uneasy, almost nervous feeling about the race to this week where I feel strong, confident, and just ready to shred it!

So come on you little Wildflower and bring your noise because it's go time.

Day 118 Training Log - I hit 2500 in the pool today, which was a 500 and a 5 x 50 warm-up, then 1 x 1500 followed by a 250 cool down. Strong swim, great form. I just felt like I was glidin and cruisin....very very nice. Now all I have to do is keep eating rad, hydrating and mentally preppin, and Saturday morning will be here in no out, here I come.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Zone - Start Week 8

April 27, 2009 -

Geesh, it must be race time because I am in the zone. The last two days I had to implement my favorite rule which is: "I pass everyone and no one passes me." I really wanted to crank on the bike yesterday so that was easy...but today....I'm not sure what happened.

I had a long run that I am making my last real workout this week outside of a couple shorter swims. I thought in an effort to taper and not overdo it, I would do the miles, but just jog it out. I started to jog it out until there was this seemingly consistently spaced line of other joggers out on the trail. I had no choice but to pick up the pace, pass every runner on the trail and let everyone know who the boss is.

That is exactly what I did continually picking up the pace and knocking a full five minutes off my last five miles. My mile six was a 6:30 and my mile 10 was a 6 minute mile.....who was smokin babay!

The thing about it, was that the whole run felt solid. Coming off of that four hour ride yesterday and going out in 65 degrees with no hydration or nutrition. Just out there runnin like a crazy man. I'm loving it and am soooo ready to get my race on this Saturday.

Day 117 Training Log - This was supposed to be a 15k all out run which I wa s going to turn into a 10 mile jog, which turned in to five medium paced miles and five all out miles so it all evens out. My pace for 10 miles overall ended up being 7:32. I'm going to swim tomorrow and Wednesday and then take Thursday and Friday totally off. The rest of the week I will focus on a lot of stretching, hydration and clean eating.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Blur

April 26, 2007 -

In cased you missed me, that blur you saw flying by you on the bike today....that was me. I finally made up that four hour bike ride from last weekend and it was great! Today was a huge confidence builder on the bike (my weakest sport) heading into Wildflower this weekend.

I hit the first hour at 18mph, which was good considering I rocked some good hills, but the second hour....that I ruled. I hit 21mph around the Lake Sammamish loop today, my fastest yet. I kept on rocking, hitting over 70 miles in the four hours and having the last hour being almost all big hills including one, 3/4 mile long hill that was the steepest I have ever climbed. I thought my heart was going to explode.

The whole ride was great though. It was sunny and 50 degrees, I felt great, hauled, worked hard, and built up some much needed bike confidence that I. I did almost die when I hit a pothole while I was hauling and laying out on my aero bars. It jerked me forward so hard I cracked the elbow plate on my aerobar are rest pad.

Day 116 Training Log - So four hours on the bike today, my longest ride and biggest miles to date. What made this ride so great was all the hills and speed. I worked really hard today and had a great ride. I had two water bottles with carbopro and one with gatorade. I ate two powerbar gels, one at one hour and one at three hours. I ate a whole powerbar at two hours, and I mixed in powerbar gel tabs throughout. The nutrition worked so I won't change much for Wildflower and see how that goes.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Getting Home

April 25, 2009 -

The great Saturday of the three day work trip. This day usually involves an early morning, coming off of a late night. Then a mid-morning speech (today to 7k people), followed by more working, a frenzied rush to pack-up, ship out and head straight to the airport.

Then two quick flights back across the country and home in time for bed. This day is a fast and furious rush of work and travel and never allows for working out or time to eat. Today, after a banana for breakfast, I finally got to a concessions hot dog around 1p and then some airport nachos around 6p.....ew.

It usually takes me a good part of Sunday to get my head screwed back on straight, re-hydrate and eat normally.

Day 115 Training Log - So no chance to workout out today, but no biggie. I have a long bike on Sunday before I start to taper for Wildflower.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Outdoors

April 24th 2009 -

Today I got in my first ever swim in an outdoor lap pool.....and I loved it! It was about 75 degrees outside and 80 degrees in the pool. It was also super windy almost as if the weather new it should make the water all wavy to further simulate an open water swim. I can't wait until Seattle gets nice enough for our local pool to open for the season (usually late June or July...bah). I'd always chose that over the pool inside at the gym.

I also hopped on the stationary bike after my swim and hit that for a bit. Great lil morning workout overall. I have been working a ton today and don't always have access to food and water right when I want it like at home so I find myself thirsty and dehydrated most of the day only getting a chance to eat a couple big meals and no real snacks.

Oh well, another busy day of work tomorrow and then back on the plane home. I work from 7a until 2p and head straight to the airport so most likely will not get a chance to workout tomorrow. Oh well.

Day 114 Training Log - I hit 2550 in the outdoor lap pool at the hotel today. The swim was a 250 warm-up, then 2 x 1000 and a 4 x 75 cool down. This was a great swim, I felt strong and really enjoyed swimming outside. After, I moved inside to the stationary bike at the hotel gym for an hour. During the spin I threw in three, one-minute all out sprints spaced one-minute apart. I did this every other five minutes. Good day today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shine On

April 23, 2009 -

Caught the early am flight out to Kansas City today, which meant being up a 4a. Then, a connection in Chicago, and finally getting in around 3p. I've been finding that, these day's pretty much kill my motivation level by the time I get to where I'm going. I caught short sleep, didn't eat or hydrate normal, and just want to get organized for work and relax when I hit my destination.

Occasionally, I can sneak a workout in on days like this....but it's matter how good my intentions. Then, today, added value to not workout....82 degrees and sunny. I was obligated to get my shine on. I hit the pool deck for about an hour. I'm positive NASA got a call from the space station about a mysterious glowing white light coming from earth at that exact moment....but was glorious. I slathered up, baked, sweated, and shined. As I said....glorious.

Day 113 Training Log - So as you can gather, no training today. I am in a mixed training/taper schedule anyway preparing for Wildflower in just over a week, but should have done something other than bronzing today....oh well. Lucky me though, the pool I'm at actually has a lap lane, outdoors. If all goes according to plan, I will get my first ever outdoor lap pool swim tomorrow morning. Wish me luck and hope Kansas City goes gently on me tonight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Biggest Loser

April 22, 2009 -

Today I finally got back to the weight I was at during my two 70.3 Ironman races last summer. Back to 202. That means I have lost 16 pounds since February 1st, 2009. My goal is to get around 195 by the time the race gets here. I also would like to see 199 by the time I go to Wildflower next weekend, May 2nd. I havn't been below that 200 mark probably since high school. I would have to get pretty lean to lose another 7 pounds, but I would like to see.

It's gotta be inevitable with the training coming in the last month before the big race. I've been joking to people that Ironman is the best weight loss plan I have ever come across. My goal however, was not a bunch of weight loss, but more just to get lean and all those pros you see in the triathlete mags.

Anyway, now that I'm done reporting on keeping my girlish figure, we can get to the real's training. Monday and Tuesday we got our freak sunny days and are back to normal today. It was 51 degrees, raining, gloomy, and know....the usual.

Not enough to keep me inside howver. I had a run, which I did outside on the trail that went well. After that I moved into the pool for a short swim and just as yesterday, that was great again today!

As of now, I'm only behind one workout, but it's a biggie...a four hour bike ride. I have a work trip over the next few days and will do my best to stay current, healthy and rested, but these trips have really been throwing everything off for me.

Day 112 Training Log - 45 minute run and a 1200 swim. Again today, both workouts were great. My quads have been a little sore since monday, so it took a bit to get going on the run, but I did. Cranked that out for 45 minutes at a slower pace, probably an 8 minute pace. Then, to the pool. The 1200 swim was 300 x 4 of swim, kick, pull, swim. It was fast, short and sweet. I worked really hard today and pushed each segment really hard. Great day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

April 21, 2009 -

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for....months. After a few days off and only an hour run yesterday, I stepped up the training a bit today. I rocked out with a swim, run, and bike. It was such a great day in Seattle today, 74 degrees and sunny. It was a great day to be a triathlete.

I hit the pool around noon for a 2250 yard swim and it was the best swim I can remember. Everything just clicked. I swam hard and fast, didn't tire. My form was in tact and it just worked. Came out of the swim feeling pretty cool. This was actually a make-up swim from my Spokane trip.

Then I had a 30 minute run. Another great day today with the sun shining so again...I peeled off the shirt and went for it. For some reason, my legs felt a little sore, I guess from yesterday, but it was all good. I cranked out almost four miles at about a 7:35 pace.

Then I had a 90 minute bike, which I transitioned to right after the run. I threw on my tri jersey and tri shorts and went for it. I wanted to really go for it today and I did. I worked pretty hard for the first hour and hit that 20 mph I have been wanting to get to on that Lake Sammamish (pictured) loop. The loop I do around the lake is about 22 miles. After that I usually hit the 520 trail or the Burke-Gilman Trail. Cruised out the rest of the ride and called it a day.

I had some "honey-do" yard work waiting for me when I got home and also did some lawn mowing, which showed me that my legs were a little worked.

Day 111 Training Log - So 2250 swim, 30 minute run, and 90 minute bike today. All three were great. I worked hard and was happy with each workout. The swim was 10 x 200 EBEH (50 yards x easy, build, easy, hard) finished with a 250 yard cool down. Then just a simple run and a haulin bike. Loving this spring weather...for now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Golden Chid - Start Week 9

April 20, 2009 -

The golden child...that was me today....kinda. I was excited to get back at it after some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. I had planned a run and a swim, but only managed a run. Reason.....the weather. It was gorgeous today. No way I could manage one second longer inside more than I needed to.

I had to suffer through meetings this morning and then finally got out on the trail. It was 74 degrees, clear, sunny and doooope! I threw on my shorts, shoes and shades and hit the trail with no shirt. I had to really, because this golden child is not so golden, but more transparent. I figure I have a week and a half to get a sweet tan for my Wildflower pictures....right? That is of course, if the sun lasts that long.

Day 110 Training Log - I had an hour run today. On this run, I realized that I have some work to do to get ready for heat training. It was 74 today, which I haven't run in since last summer. It wasn't too bad, but definitely takes some getting used to again after a long cold and wet winter. I also realized that I have about a 70 degree, one hour threshold for no nutrition or hydration. I was running today and could have used some Gatorade, but also was fine. It was the best though, no shirt, just some shoes, shorts, shades and the trail running it out in the sun. I hit around 7.5 miles at about a 7:40 pace. I was a little winded, but my legs didn't care because they were running like crazy happy to be back from was awesome!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Third Time's A Charm

April 19, 2009 -

Yes people, please believe today I have taken my third day off of training in a row. This is a first since January 1st 2009. I can remember writing a blog awhile back, maybe in February, where I took two days off and made a comment about how that would probably never happen again until after Ironman...until now.

Usually I get all worked up if I can't fit my training in, or if I get behind, but this was different. I had the best weekend ever with wifey, without the kids. We ate the best food, slept in, worked a little, and had a great time. The best part about it was that I never really felt pressured to get my training in, or let it ruin my time there.

I only missed a hour run and a 2300 yard swim, which is not big deal, but I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to start the hardest legs of my training next month. This three day sebaticle probably saved my Ironman. I knew how much I needed it when I didn't care about my training or nutrition for a few days. I just blew it off knowing I was going to see it soon enough....and.....I'm ready to get back to work.

Also, seeing the kiddos today was great. I missed them so bad, and they missed us the same. I think my daughter didn't unclench me for about an hour, it was great. We had a sweet five hour drive home from Idaho back to Kirkland and enjoyed some time outside in great weather.

Tomorrow....back to work.

Day 109 Training Log - Driving....does that count?

Post Scritpt - Since Thursday I ate burgers and fries, eggs and bacon, tacos, pizza, ahi tuna, curry, and just about everything in between. Food was delicious in Spokane!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

At Peace

April 18, 2009 - 

So I'm in Spokane for work this weekend, but with my wife and no kids.  It is the first time in a long long time I have felt at peace.  We have been sleeping in, having great meals...and actually eating slow, talking without being interrupted, and generally just having a calming more relaxed few days.

Sometimes with two small kids you get a little tense with all the needs and noise and keep-up.  I have to say, even with a little bit of work, this trip has seemed like a month long get away.  I have been totally relaxed, at peace, and enjoying the time with wifey immensely.  

As I have been soaking up every minute of this time; Ironman is the furthest thing from my mind. I did have the day off today, but am still a one-hour run behind that I missed yesterday...and guess what....I don't care!

This has been a total download, unwind, realxing, peaceful weekend.  Ironman can have me back soon enough, but until then, I have one more night to feed out on great food, enjoy the great company of my wifey, and relish in a night with no messes, crying, crayons, poopy diapers, bedtime stories, macaroni and cheese on the floor, interruptions or anything else of that nature......yes!

Day 108 Training Log - Day off today, two for two, enjoying it to the fullest.  I'll be back at it soon enough.

Friday, April 17, 2009


April 17, 2009 -

Oh how quickly we forget. I'm in Spokane, working, and loving a weekend get-away at the same time. No way was I going to get up this morning out of my koosh bed at the Davenport hotel and leave wifey to go workout when we have no kiddos around (thanks nana and papa for hooking that up). I laid there in a mountain of pillows and down with the sunshine peeking through the drapes thinking to my self....there is no way I am doing anything but feeding out and enjoying this time totally kid-less....even if some work is involved.

So we got up and moseyed to breakfast...still made good choices with oatmeal and a a fruit plate. We walked around the city for a bit and then went to work for
about two hours. After that, enjoyed a great lunch and a dope winery tour and tasting. The greatest part is nothing could have been further from my mind than Iron man training. I did not care about it and I did not feel guilty for taking today off. It was great, delightful, fantastic and grand.

In fact, today felt like I had not been training for anything at all. The thought if even running one mile sounded overwhelming and too large task to comprehend on such a great I ignored the workout and enjoyed the day. As long as I am here rockin out with wifey and no kiddos....Ironman is on hold.

Yea do you like me now! I own you!

Day 107 Training Log - Only a one hour run on the plan today, which I didn't do. I'll get to you soon enough you little run you.

Post Script - Shot out to my dad who registered for the inaugural 2010 St. George Utah Ironman. My pain will be yours soon enough. Good luck old man.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feel The Burn...And Love It

April 16, 2009 -

Another beautiful day out today, 60+ degrees and sunny in Seattle. Perfect as I had to head out on another bike today. It was actually my day off, which I could really use, but I wasn't going to be able to get a bike in this weekend so I did some re-working. Sooooooo happy to get it out of the way though! All I have left this week is a measly little one-hour run on Friday, day off Saturday, and a 2500 swim on Sunday.......dope!

So on yesterday's bike I was going for pace, and today I went for hills. I have to say, after Sunday's 18 mile run, Monday's swim and 90 minute stationary hill bike, Tuesday's swim, 90 minute stationary resistance interval bike and run, Yesterday's swim and two hour bike for pace......after all, on the hills......I was feelin the burn.

This was a good burn, the kind that let's you know you've been, and are working hard. It took just a little bit, but after I go the ol' leggers flushed out, I was cruisin, working the hills finished this hill loop of mine ten minutes faster than the last time I attempted it a few weeks ago......sahweeeet!

Can you tell I'm excited. Pushed through the bulk of all my hard workouts and now I get to enjoy a couple easies and a weekend out of town, half workinig, but mostly half playing with my family.

The only obstacle I face now is a 5 hour drive accross the state with the kids in carseats in the back usually not likeing to be confined for that length of time.

Day 106 Training Log - I moved up a two hour bike ride from Saturday to today. It was a great ride, lots of hill work and a good amount of flat too. I felt great for the ride but could deffinitely feel the 'ol arse, quads, and that area around the back of your neck and shoulders all getting sore.
Had a nasty headwind comin at me about the last eight miles of the ride that had me thinking.....please let's have none of that in any my upcoming races....thanks.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

V Is For Victory

April 15, 2009 -

I have been on now for seven days with another two to go before reprieve on Saturday. I have been making up workouts, getting ahead on workouts and generally hitting 2.5 to 3 hours a day. My body has been feeling generally fatigued and I'm not sick, but I do have this funky stuff in my lungs which apparently makes it hard for you to swim and breathe.

This is why a victory, no matter of a big one and I had three today. First, after two days of awful swimming I had a solid day today. Still a little winded from this lung thing, but overall I had a strong stroke and good form....sweet victory, especially because this swim wasn't on today's training plan. I added it on so I wouldn't have to try and find a pool when I'm out of town this weekend.

Second, I had a bike today and after being stuck inside on the stationary due to weather and pondering if I am working hard enough or getting the training I was sunny today! Sunny and 55 degrees when I went out. From week to week, I always forget how good it feels to get outdoors, lay down on your aero bars and just cook. It was nice.....sweet victory.

Third, and the biggest victory was my bike pace. As I mentioned, because I have had to do so much trainer and stationary bike work, I get nervous that I might be under-trained on the bike, especially with Wildflower rapidly approaching (which is famed for it's ruthless hills on the bike course). Today however, I just cruised along working hard, but not high intensity and I ended up at a 19.3 mph pace! Last year my average was 17mph and this year I have been trying to bump that to 20mph....I'm on the cusp.....sweet victory.

Day 105 Training Log - Today I only had a two hour bike, but I threw on a 2300 yard swim from this upcoming weekend so I could reduce my workouts on the road. I hit the swim this morning, which was a 500 followed by 5 x 100, then a 400 followed by 4 x 100, then 200 followed by 2 x 100, and a 100 to swim. Then, I got outside on the bike heading around Lake Sammamish, back into Redmond, over to Woodinville, and back to Redmond to bike.....sweet victories.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ahead Of The Game

April 14, 2009 -

I had a great opportunity today to not only catch-up with my training, but also forge ahead. I am in the middle of trying to figure out how to best re-work my schedule for some upcoming travel. I'm in Spokane, WA for four days starting this Thursday, then Kansas City, MO for three days starting next Thursday, then California for the Avia Wildflower Triathlon long course (half-iron distance) the week after that.

As you can imagine, this takes some crafty re-working and front-loading in the beginning of the week so I can move my day off and minimize my workouts when I'm out of town. Not sure this is great overall, but it works and I don't miss workouts.

Today, all I had was a bike ride so there was room to get some other stuff in. I went to the gym early and polished off a make-up swim that I missed in last week's trip to California. Then this afternoon hit the bike followed by a short run that is from this upcoming weekend.

Now, not only am I caught up from the workouts I missed last week, but I am ahead one from this week.....sweet.

Going over all this, I realized I am at the HALFWAY POINT, week 10 of training! I've logged 104 days overall with my month of conditioning. I have a half-iron distance tri coming in two weeks and then race day will be just around the corner.....sweet.

Day 104 Training Log - Today I worked out a 1300 speed swim, a 90 minute bike and a 30 minute run. Did the swim this morning, which was a 4 x 100 swim, kick, pull, swim warm-up, a 8 x 100 EBEH (25 x easy, build, easy, hard) main swim, finished with 2 x 50. This afternoon I hit the stationary bike for 90 minutes of interval training alternating every four minutes between medium and hard. Finished with an easy paced 30 minute run on the treadmill. All in all....I have to say it was a good day.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Motions - Start Week 10

April 13, 2009 -

After yesterday's 18 mile run, my legs were a little sore...not too bad, but my left knee was a little achy. I wasn't super excited to jump right back in today with a swim and a bike. So today was a little bit of that "you just gotta do it, going through the motions like a robot" days.

I hopped in the pool and this swim wasn't too long today, but it was hard. I have a little junk in my chest and it took a bit to flush everything out. I was a little winded today and had a hard time pulling together a solid swim.

Then hopped on the stationary bike because as much as I wanted to bike in 42 degrees and rain, the stationary bike is just so much fun. Watched a movie in the cardio theater and did 90 minutes of a hill program. It was five big hills four medium hills and the rest just fast spinning.

All in all this was one of those days, although far and few between when you just crank it out no real motivated, but not real un-motivated. Just puttin in work.

Day 103 Training Log - Today was a 2400 swim and a 90 minute bike ride. The swim was a 3 x 75 warmup, 3 x 600 main swim and a 3 x 50 cool down. I did feel better when I got out of the in I felt a little stretched out and my legs weren't as sore. The bike was good, worked hard and watched a movie.....yee-haw.