Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Time

April 28, 2009 -

It's officially "go-time" whatever that means. Apparently the sweet racing minded zone I'm in right now remembered to tell my swim today because I rocked that one out too. Now I have completed three great workouts with a long bike, long run, med swim. Each workout was fast, in good form and felt great meaning....it is go time!

I'm going to take off now Wednesday and Thursday and probably sneak in a little swim in the lake on Friday after registration. Other than that, I'm just going to continue to prepare mentally. Since Sunday, my head has been in this constant state of race planning, preparation and growing competitiveness. After Sunday's bike I went from this uneasy, almost nervous feeling about the race to this week where I feel strong, confident, and just ready to shred it!

So come on you little Wildflower and bring your noise because it's go time.

Day 118 Training Log - I hit 2500 in the pool today, which was a 500 and a 5 x 50 warm-up, then 1 x 1500 followed by a 250 cool down. Strong swim, great form. I just felt like I was glidin and cruisin....very very nice. Now all I have to do is keep eating rad, hydrating and mentally preppin, and Saturday morning will be here in no time.....then....watch out, here I come.

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