Saturday, April 11, 2009

Well Blow Me Down

April 11, 2009 -

Another sweet day of Seattle spring weather today. You know all those beautiful clouds, dreary grey skys, drizzle, and super gusty wind for added value. Just can't get enough! Looks to be equal or better in suckyness tomorrow for my long run.

I only had a swim today, but added on a short run that was a make-up run from Wednesday, so all I have left to make-up is a short speed swim. Both workouts were a little harder than they should have been. I can feel that by muscles are fatigued right now, which should unfold quite interestingly on my long run tomorrow.

On my run, the wind was gusting so hard it was blowing my running hat off my head! I think at one point I was actually running sideways. It made for quite the lame run, good thing it was so quick.

Last week was a swim focus, this week was a run focus, and next week is a bike focus. I leave for another business trip next Thursday through Sunday, so let the re-working and arranging begin again.

Day 101 Training Log - Today was a 2500 swim and a 30 minute make-up run. The swim was a 3 x 150 warm-up, a 1950 ladder main swim (starting at 300 and going down 25 each set). Finished off with a 2 x 50 cool down. Then I came back home to brave the run and not get blown over. I could tell some of my leg muscles were fatigued in this short run. Gotta get hydrated and do a lot of stretching before tomorrow.

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  1. Don't you just love the sideways runs?? Even sweeter is when you're running sideways up a steep hill and slip on ice...its pretty awesome. Good luck with that rain!