Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Regulators......Gear Up

March 10, 2009 -

So I was running today thinking I must look like some futuristic robot military endurance machine ready for anything thrown my way. How did I get to equip myself with so much gear for long runs and bikes? It's like I'm the terminator of running with nutrition and gadgets in every crack and crevice....well, not exactly...don't go there.

Although today was only a one hour run, I still had plenty of gear. I started with my under armour compression shorts, then my cw-x running tights with a pair of mesh running shorts over those. Then some ulitmax running socks with my brooks trance running shoes with my yankz laces. Then, on top, my zoot tri-top with a layered wick fabric quarter zip long-sleeve shirt over that. Then I have my nike light-weight beanie and gloves and my iPod nano, skull candy running headphones, and nano arm band. Oh yeah, also my Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS watch. All that for a one hour run in 36 degrees. If it was a longer run, I would have also had my fuel belt with gatorade in it and some GU.

WOW...I'm a brand ho!

Day 69 Training Log - Today was a two hour bike and a one hour run. I got up at 5a this morning to hit the bike. Had some oatmeal and hopped on to the movie Bottle Shock as it was 27 degrees out....oh and dark too. The movie was cool if you're a vino lover and the bike was ok. The first hour was ok, but the second was much better. It was all fast spinning on one big ring medium gear. Then, during my lunch hour I hit a 60 minute run outside. I was planning this to be an easy run at an 8:30 pace until I was half into it and realized if I cranked the second half I could hit a 7:30 pace. So....I did. I gradually picked up speed with my last two miles coming in at 7min and 6:15 min to hit 8 miles exactly at 60 minutes giving me a 7:30 pace.....totally sweet. I am finding now however, in the early evening hours that my legs are deffinitely worked. I also have three dead pairs of running shoes (nike, mizzuno, and brooks), so I went out and replaced with two new pairs (mizuno and saucony). So stoked to alternate and run in new shoes!!!

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