Friday, March 13, 2009

Going The Distance

March 13, 2009 -

Today all I had was a swim. That swim however, happened to be my longest swim to date. 3500 yards....a full two miles. This was a sweet milestone today as the Ironman swim is 2.4 miles; I like to know that I am in range. Also, it polished off what was slightly over four miles of swimming in the last three days.

This is cool to reflect on from about four years ago when I was just starting triathlon and I got in the pool for the first time. I had never swam as exercise before and never had any formal swim training on stroke or technique. I can remember swimming to one end of the pool, being exhausted, and swimming back to complete one full lap and then needing to rest for like five minutes.

I would swim about 10 laps or 500 yards over about 20 minutes and just be totally spent. In contrast today I swam 70 laps or 3500 yards in 70 minutes. Progress is upon me. I'm going the distance one lap, one ride, and one run at a time.

It will all eventually add up to those six words that will define part of my life..."Josh Clark, you are an Ironman."

I'm coming for you 140.6.

Day 72 Training Log - Today was 3500 which was a 6 x 50 warm-up, a 2 x 1500 main swim, and a 4 x 50 cool down. My arms and legs are tired at this point in the week, but I just made a decision to swim strong and did for the most part. The first half of the swim was slow and sloppy, but from there got progressively better and faster. I was happy to be done with it. Now I have to amp up for a 4000 yard swim on Monday. I wouldn't mind getting to a new pool to change things up.


  1. Ok spit wine out of the nose at the redneck pool!
    I can't wait to get back in the pool after your post. I forgot how much I loved it!

  2. Congrat's on the milestone! You're the "MAN to Ironman" in the making.

  3. I had the same workout today and thought - wow - I can do this. The distances are getting easier. It was a long work out but I did it.

    Love the redneck pool.

  4. Congrats Kristen! Also, thanks everyone for reading and for the comments!