Sunday, March 29, 2009

Game Face

March 29, 2009 -

Today I had a long run and my legs took me on a roller coaster ride. They were really strong, then suck, then strong, then lethargic, then fast. I decided that I had to run thought it and be strong regardless of how my legs were feeling as I'm sure that is a discipline I will need for Ironman.

It was 37 degrees and sunny this morning and a little windy....but dry, and that's all that mattered. But there was a point a few miles into the run when I could feel my legs taking off on this roller coaster ride, that I had to tell them to "put their game face on."

When I'm working out I like to be intense. I like to be like Michael Jordan when he was furious. The best and most fierce competitor on the planet. When I am training I want people to see me as that.

Today when I told my legs to "put their game face on" I decided to ignore any roller coaster low points and just run it out. I turned it up in the low points and turned up higher when I was on top. Anyone that saw me had to think I was a ferocious pitbull, or better yet a modern day T-Rex feeding on speed and pavement and any little joggers who got in my way.

I didn't quite run as fast as I wanted today, but had a great run.

Day 88 Training Log - Today was a 90 minute run, which I did 45 minutes straight out from my house and then back. The funny thing is that 45 minutes took me out through Kirkland along the waterfront, past the marinas as usual. Then, up through Bellevue past the mall. What's funny about that is we have driven there so many times since we have lived here and it always seems like so far, like such a burden to get there through the traffic......unless you just run there! The only lag in this run is it had about 4 miles of uphill. Two miles were fairly steep hills and two miles were gradual. In that 90 minutes I hit 11.61 miles for a 7:45 pace. I'll make sure to hit it faster next time.

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