Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Un-Birthday To Me

March 11, 2009 -

Today was my wife's birthday and somehow the swimming god's dropeth upon me a sweetest un-birthday gift of continued dope swimming skills. Yes!

Today was actually a day off for me, which I should probably have taken but I still had one more pesky make-up workout from the lost Vegas chapters of Ironman training. I did realize I have been on seven days now and I will end up being on 18 total days before my next day off....but whatever. They don't just give Ironman's away you know.

Anyway, I hit the pool this morning for that swim and it was dope. The whole thing from start to finish, was controlled, fluid, swift and form driven. Also, it kept getting better with every lap.

I love those days.

Day 70 Training Log - So this was a make-up swim from last week, the last of three workouts that I have made-up now. It was a 2500 yard swim that was a 500 warm-up, a 1500 straight swim, and a 500 cool down. For about 20 minutes of the swim I had the entire pool to myself. That doesn't happen too often, but I sure love it when it does.

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  1. You're right there is nothing as sweet as an empty lap pool with that still quiet water.