Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I Used To Do

March 26, 2009 -

I finally got to the bank today to deposit a check I have been holding on to for over a month. It got me thinking about all the things I used to do, prior to Ironman training, without thinking about the time they took.

Things like going to the dry cleaners, the bank, and getting a haircut. Even dropping off UPS, making long overdue phone calls, and getting a carwash have been put on the back burner. I just realized I actually had my dry cleaning bag in my car for a month before I dropped it off and my clean clothes have been there for like two weeks now.

I really want to get to these things, but they have been ousted by the training and recovery time. When I get up early for workouts it sets me back a little in the morning and I have been using my lunch hour plus some in the middle of the day for the other workouts. This sets my afternoons back a little. So, after two workouts, showers, food, and hydration, my motivation to accomplish these minor feats is silenced.

I will just make a list of 5 to 10 minute errands I would like to do, then I will get to in July.

Day 85 Training Log - Today I had a 45 minute run and a 2400 yard swim. It was a great day for these workouts. I just felt strong and fast. I got out this morning for the run in 37 degrees and sunshine and after about 15 minutes of getting warm my legs started talking to me. They say "yo daddy lets do this." Then I say "yeah you little thoroughbreds, lets get it on." And then I proceeded to cook. I didn't have my Garmin today, but I'm positive I ran at least three sub-seven miles and beat 6 miles for that run. Sweet. Then this afternoon I hit the pool for 2400, which was 2 x each of 300 free, 300 kick, 300 free, 300 pull. Outside of the 600 kick, everything else was great, fast, and in good form. The kicks though, they always get me. Oh well, I'll 0wn them eventually.

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