Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ladder - Start Week 12

March 30, 2009 -

Today I had a "ladder" swim. It is a progression of yards that starts at the highest and decreases 25 yards each set. It got me thinking of my more wild-n-crazy college days about a different kind of ladder. Same concept but with beer and no swimming. This ladder was much more fun. It's quite amusing to me how things change as you grow up just like that. What was the ladder then was crazy and fun.

The ladder now is a hard swim and mentally challenging. Or, it is expensive and used for home repairs. It seems as though the ladders of today carry more responsibility and physical exertion than the days of old.

Funny thing that responsibility.

Day 89 Training Log - today was a 3150 yard swim today with a 4 x 250 (swim, kick, pull, swim) warm-up, then a 1950 ladder and a 200 cool-down. Oddly, I have five swims this week and am trying to rearrange my training schedule to work around a trip to Richmond Virginia this Thursday to Saturday. I have two days that are swim-only days and have found a pool out there so I will swim two days there and take the third as my day off. Hopefully this works best and I don't miss any training. I also took a 30 minute run with mixed sprints today so Thursday all I have is the swim when I get into Richmond. The ladder started at 300, then 225, 250 and so on until 25. It was pretty cool, I enjoyed the short burst segments. I hit my 30 minute run at the end of the workday. It was dry all day today (still cloudy and gloomy), and the second I headed out the door to run the wind picked up, the sky turned darker and it started raining hard. BAH! Why does the weather hate my training so much? I ran 4.10 miles in 30 minutes and added in 5 one-minute sprints with no recovery (one every five minutes). I believe most people refer to these mixed sprints as fartleks (hilarious name for such hard work). My legs are toasted between that and the run yesterday.

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