Friday, March 20, 2009

The Longest Yard

March 20, 2009 -

Wow, only a swim today but every yard, was the longest yard. Every lap today seemed to be difficult. My body is tired, my legs were sore, and my shoulders are achy. I have been on for 16 days straight of some heavy training. With two more long training days to go until my much needed day off, I am trying to stay tough.

I was at fight club today in the pool with my brain trying not to focus on the fact my body is tired and my swim was seemingly taking forever. I was just focusing on swimming the best I could and getting it done. Oh, and the number one rule of pool/brain fight don't talk about pool/brain fight club....duh.

Eventually, the swim ended and thus my training for today. I have really been focusing on supplements, quick recovery, and stretching so I can stay on top of this training with minimal impact. I'm really looking forward to next week, which is a recovery week including two days off! It will me a good week to enjoy (and train hard) on shorter workouts and enjoy the days off.

Until then, I prepare to grind through two more hard workouts, and rocking each of them. What's up now Ironman, you don't have me yet.

Day 79 Training Log - Today was a 2450 swim, which was a 2 x 150 warm-up, a 4 x 500 main swim and a 150 cool down. The wondrously endless swim somehow ended as quickly as it began however, getting to that end was another story.

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