Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two's A Crowd

March 21, 2009 -

Had a long bike and short run brick today, same as last Saturday, which I wasn't looking forward to. However, my training partner came over and we cranked it out. It is amazing how much faster and better the workouts go with some company.

We talk trash to each other, shoot the breeze, complain a little, and then it's over. I figure during my race I will have to just make some friends. Find some lagging people who want to hang out and just bang through all the miles.

The benefit of a training partner is that, instead of fighting your brain on issues such as level of tiredness, chaffing, nutrition, time left etc., you are forgetting all that for the most part and just hanging out with a buddy. Plus I think we like to get a little competitive with each other which always drives the other person to work harder.

Way to go special little training buddy....I will most likely beat you in the race, but I appreciate the training company.

Day 80 Training Log - So today was a 3 hour bike and a 30 minute run. My buddy Marcus came over at 8a this morning and it was still 35 degrees out so we hit the trainer. I was building a mix of big ring fast spinning and higher gear resistance work. After two hours on the trainers we decided to head outside for the last hour. It was still only 40 degrees but I had to get out of the garage. We did an hour loop that had some really great hill work. There was a 3 mile gradual grade and a another two mile steeper grade, and then of course, the downhills that go with that. Which, but he way, we froze our tails off coming down. After the ride we swapped biking shoes for running shoes and hit the trail. We were running about an 8 minute pace except for a couple big, steep hills that slowed us down a little. After we were done, we stretched it out a little bit and I was feeling pretty solid. Much better than last week's same workout.

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