Sunday, March 22, 2009

What The Shizzle Drizzle

March 22, 2009 -

Seattle springtime. That means that constant grey with sunbreaks and always the drizzle, mist, spit, whatever you want to call it. Headed out on a run today that started sunny, then got grey, then drizzled, then got sunny and rained, then went back to grey and drizzle for the remainder. Oh well, at least it was 45, and now most days will be up to mid to high 50's.

What I really wanted to get to was my day off tomorrow!!! It is my first day off in 18 days and after two consecutive 18 hour training weeks. I need this one. I have started to notice in the last week that my legs have this continual fatigue from day to day which is slowing my pace down. Also, I have creeks, cranks, and cracks in places that just can't seem to go away.

Not only do I have tomorrow off, but next week is a recovery week with shorter workouts and an additional day off. It's perfect timing as my body is right to the point where this had to happen. And, I'm gonna enjoy it, recover, and then get ready for another phase of training.


Day 81 Training Log - Today I had an hour run and an hour bike. My run ended up being almost 7 and a half miles at an 8:12 pace, which is a little slow, but my legs were tired. That last mile uphill worked me a little more than usual. Also, followed the run with some bike time, but I was too chilled after that run to head outside, so I hit the trainer. I did all big ring work with fast spinning and four 5-minute hard gear seated resistance intervals. And then...the sweet glory of rest.

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